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Famous In a Bad Way
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Hearings regarding the 12/12 bombing at Langley have caused a rift, thanks to Dar Adal's meddling and Carrie's increasing paranoia, in what's left of the team. The Senate Committee, seeming largely unimpressed by the multiperson takedown operation Saul and Quinn put together -- and privy to ever more confidential, damaging info thanks to the Mole and/or Leak -- decided to strike at the heart of the matter, probing Saul on record for details about Carrie's relationship to Brody, Brody's relationship to the CIA, and Carrie's own relationship with stability. The patterns she sees in this behavior, and that of others at the gutted Agency, led her to cause a scene at an informal, celebratory brunch that has undermined her credibility. Maybe forever.


Mira: "Oh good, it's Carrie Mathison. Looking bonkers, headed up my driveway."
Carrie: "Where the fuck is Saul?"
Mira: "He's not here, he's meeting a new analyst or something. He's at work. You should go to work. You should go to work, and do normal work things at work."
Carrie: "I don't feel like it! I feel like running all over the place and acting nuts!"
Mira: "That's definitely an option that is available to you, but I wonder if we might..."
Carrie: "Whatever. By the way, Saul sold me down the river on TV, and I am going on a rampage. Starting now, ending never. So tell him I stopped by, and also thanks."


Saul and Quinn talk about the unhelpful laptop Quinn retrieved from the Tin Man, a gorgeous young lady named Fara shows up. Everybody is a little wriggly around her because she's wearing a headscarf, or maybe because she looks like she's about nineteen years old. (No, it is because they are secretly racist and feel bad about it, so then that makes them resent her more, which they feel bad about, and so on.)

Quinn: "Well, I hope that there is good information somewhere on this laptop, because I killed a little kid getting it."
Fara: "Hi, I'm Fara. Please stop staring at my gorgeous face and my headscarf."
Them: "No."

Fara: "We gonna have a problem, bitches?"
Quinn: "No, but like, do you even lift? How long have you been here at the CIA?"
Fara: "Literally a week."
Quinn: "Oh my God, only a week?"
Fara: "Yeah, I'm a forensic accountant and computer hacker? It's not like I'm gonna need combat experience."

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