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The Wilderness of Mirrors
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Saul found both Agency and his home invaded by strange men with strange new ideas, and still somehow wasn't provoked into action by either, because his whole brain was taken up with Majid Javadi, the Big Plan, and how much he could put Carrie through before she breaks. But now that we're in the end-stages of Operation Footballer, halfway through the season, maybe he's free to think about other things. Carrie is pregnant but should probably take a test or ten to be sure, while Quinn is just about over this whole deal.


The police, including a Captain Lonza of Carrie's acquaintance, have arrived at the very gross scene of Javadi's multiple homicide. The lead detective, Calvin Johnson, is not a friend of Carrie's, which is where the problem will come from.

Johnson: "Why do they even have plum wine? Aren't Muslims..."
Forensics: "Don't worry about it."
Johnson: "How many times do you think he got her with that bottle?"
Forensics: "Like a million times probably?"

Detective Cort: "A neighbor's security camera took this very important picture."
Johnson: "He looks like a Quinn. Who is this man? I must know more."
Cort: "And yet he does not exist. Simply too perfect, Detective."


Fara: "See how I figured out everything and now you are screwed?"
Javadi: "Are you trying to impress me, little girl?"
Fara: "No, I am trying to scare you because you are the worst."
Javadi: "Saul, what is this little girl even doing? You're such a wuss making little girls yell at me and go to mental institutions and do forensic accounting on me."
Fara: "Oh my GOD I hate you."
Saul: "Fara, go change your tampon and pretend he's not totally working you on purpose."

Fara: "Apparently it's Asshole Day at Chateau Safe house."
Carrie: "Honey, if I broke down every time anybody used sexism as a weapon against me I'd be noncompliant with double the meds I'm not taking now. It's just a shitty trick. Be a spy."
Fara: "But I'm also a lady!"
Carrie: "First rule of Spy Club is, no you're not. We're talking about a guy who just got finished doing a recreational honor killing, do you really think you're gonna be the one to reconstruct him? Look, I weigh a buck ten and I'm the best spy of all time. Use what you got. When you're fighting a blind guy, use your eyes. When you're up against a person who doesn't think women are people, roll with it."

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