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The Cold

I don't know what the Plan is here, exactly: WE know neither of them meant for her to stay in there for a solid month, so I guess now she's just going to hope for a discharge, and if she isn't approached by that lawyer immediately, they'll probably ramp up the public disgrace factor and she can find some new way to flame out. That's my guess. She wouldn't go back to the paper -- as we'll see, that was a federal crime -- but something. All you have to do is find the right community to do it in front of, like when she freaked out at the brunch in front of Dar Adal and who knows what other spooks and retirees.

A round-robin edit goes through the various medical facts, if you're interested: They've titrated her lithium up to 1800mg, she's doing okay in group and crafting, particularly ceramics, she's a Helpful Hannah when it comes to delivering food on the ward, she's a "good example for her fellow patients." Which we missed, but it's easy to believe. She gives such a shit about people, it's amazing. Maybe her trainwreckiness, her patriotism, her heroism and her compassion all come from this same thing, this lack of ego that allows her to do a job that would have most of us suicidal in three months.

The independent guy recommends outpatient, Carrie confirms that she lives 15 minutes away from her father and sister and they are in fairly constant contact -- no clue yet as to why they're not here, which I guess would account for her nervousness, since it damages the healthy-Carrie narrative in at least two ways -- but they're not even worried about that, she's already sold them.

At the door, she ducks her head -- in that way she always does, upon remembering the concept of other people having authority over her, or thinking they do -- and mumbles her thanks for all their help in her efforts to pretend to be crazy and then get better from her pretend craziness. Their indulgent smiles are patronizing, but you can also tell how much they like her. After what they must see every time they're called to session, any amount of time spent with twitchy Carrie would probably be like having a glamorous Hollywood dinner.


Helps Leo escape from the institution, driving her mother's car. Let's not dignify it.


Soon enough, Dar Adal has delivered the DOJ paperwork pronouncing Carrie a "threat to national security" in her "current state of mind" -- which, her advocate points out, was just approved by four mental health professionals -- but it's no use. The government claims to be worried she'll go back to the newspaper, violate some more federal laws.

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