A Red Wheelbarrow

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What Was Broken
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Saul sent Majid Javadi back home on a plane, leaving Senator Lockhart in a funk and Carrie on the hunt for her babydaddy, who is still on heroin in Caracas as far as we know. Everybody was happy at the close of the second act; Saul's marriage was even back on track. But installing a ringer in the Iranian government is a multi-step plan, and Carrie's always got some more crazy up her sleeve, so we'll see how long that lasts.


Saul brings Mira breakfast in bed, to celebrate her not cheating on him anymore. He even uses special mugs, which are notable not only for sentimental reasons, but also for the hugeness of them; he makes romantic future wishes.

Mira: "You don't actually have to pretend that we're going to have trips together and whatever. Like, I know the deal. I came home from Mumbai knowing the deal."
Saul: "First of all, I like my fantasies of being a person. Secondly, for reasons I cannot tell you, my job may be irrelevant soon."
Mira: "How long until you go to work? Because you're always, always about to go to work."
Saul: "Time enough to have some more sex in our marital bed if we stick to the basics."


Quinn: "There was a Jordanian professor in the auditorium at Langley?"
Carrie: "If Fara was here she would call you a racist profiler and it would be adorable."
Quinn: "No, he's in Intelligence -- Office of Transnational Issues -- and actually did coverage on Leland Bennett's firm. Hip-pocket clients, in Syria, Azerbaijan... And Iran."
Carrie: "Any munitions training? Or explosives?"
Quinn: "This nerd? I'm so sure... Oh, I see what you're saying. Hey, are we meant to be focusing on the minutiae of whether the bomber and the car-mover are the same guy? Because who cares who made the bomb, right? So munitions and explosives... Maybe we should be looking more for people who have experience moving cars around. Valets and the like."

Quinn: "Also, it's the most high-profile spy massacre of modern history. I'm pretty sure the FBI has looked at these files a time or two."
Carrie: "You know who doesn't work for the FBI?"
Quinn: "Carrie Mathison?"
Carrie: "Ya damn right."
Quinn: "And Peter Quinn too!"
Carrie: "Sure thing, li'l buddy. Also, where the fuck is Fara?"

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