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Tim calls for a toast to Dave L. and Summer, and then he's just about to read the awards of the Prom elections when Ben and Jeff race in wearing nothing but their bow ties and…socks. One sock each. Not on their feet. You know what they say about big feet? Yeah, the socks are over that. There's enough blurred out that you can't tell whether what they say about big feet is true, and no, I don't know what it means that Ben has to hold his sock on while he and Jeff do this total cootchie dance where they swing their…socks, like, is it because his feet are big, or what, and…yeah. Let's not go there. Anyway, it's pretty hilarious, and Jeff chases Holly at one point, and it's really funny. Jeff says that "nudity used to be a big part of my life, but not so much anymore…I'm trying to phase that part out." I can't tell if he's serious or not. Jeff and Ben shake their stuff one last time and then run out of the room. They're brave and everything, but then again, they may not know about the slow-motion function on TiVo. I'm kind of wishing I didn't know about it now, either.

Everyone's still cracking their shit up over the streaking. Sarah says she can't believe she voted for Jeff for Prom King. Tim says that he wanted to streak with them, but he didn't because he was giving his speech. I guess he'll regret that for ten years until he goes to the prom on High School Reunion Reunion. Tim gets out the ballot results again and prepares to read them. In an interview, Natasha says that since Maya was Homecoming Queen, she shouldn't get to be Prom Queen, too. "That would be lame! I mean, you know, it would be okay if I was, I guess." Oh, Natasha, I'm tired of making fun of you. See the poll on the index page. Tim announces the Queen and King: Patricia! And Jeff! Everyone applauds. There's a shot of Natasha totally sulking. You can tell the editors just stuck a random pouty shot of Natasha in there, but it's still funny. Patricia and Jeff stand up, and Tim presents them with their plastic crowns. In an interview, JockDan explains that ten years ago people would have just picked the most popular guy, "but now that we're ten years older, we should vote for a good sense of humor and a great personality." Well, those qualities are kind of what make people popular in the first place, but you get the idea. Strangely, nobody explains why they voted for Patricia. But somehow she manages to avoid standing in that one spot right below the suspended bucket of pig's blood. Damn.

Time for the clips of the Prom dance-floor shenanigans! JockDan grabs Jeff's leg, and he falls over. Jason spins on his back really impressively. Sarah almost falls out of her dress. The conga line congas, booties waggle, and the honking ska assaults us all. Then there's a lingering shot of the disco ball, because of course, as in every prom that's ever appeared onscreen, the disco ball is a time portal, taking us magically to the slow dance part of the evening. Dave and Holly slow-dance. Yep, they slow-dance. Man, it's a good thing Dave and Holly like to slow-dance, because really, all you can do with Dave and Holly is just film them from different angles anyway. Holly: "Dave's great. He's more than great -- he's unbelievably wonderful and perfect." Dave says that if he wanted things to be exactly the way he wanted, he would go down on one knee and propose to her, because she is perfect. But he doesn't do that, so it's not completely perfect, because if it was, then there wouldn't be any way to go beyond perfect and we'd all be bored. Oh, wait -- we already are.

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