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Naughty By Nature. No kidding: Naughty By Nature. They come out and perform "O.P.P.," because really, how the fuck else are you going to know they're Naughty By Nature? Chris says in an interview that "we really just realized collectively that it really was Naughty By Nature." What I love is how, in lieu of an actual stage, they've put up a four-foot-high wall in front of Naughty By Nature. Don't get too close to that barrier, kids! They're naughty! By nature! I bet it was a rider in their contract: "The classmates must maintain a distance of at least twenty-four (24) inches from Naughty By Nature." Naughty By Nature asks the classmates if they're down with O.P.P. The classmates say, "Yeah, you know me!" But wait, are they down with O.P.P.? Are they really down with O.P.P.? Naughty By Nature asks them again. And again. And again. It's important to be completely comfortable with the O.P.P., no matter who or what your P may be. Naughty By Nature just wants to be sure, you know? Then again, Naughty By Nature haven't watched this show. In an interview, Barbato says, "It was great -- these guys were right up next to us." He slaps hands with Naughty By Nature. ("During the performance, Naughty By Nature consents to slap hands no more than three (3) times with some damn white guy.") Everyone seems to be having a blast, though. But it's weird -- because maybe things were different by 1992, but in '89 at least, it was well known that despite the diverse population at OPRF, there'd almost never be more than about ten minutes of hip-hop played at the dances. So it's kind of ironic now.

Naughty By Nature announces that there are "nuptials in the house," and Dave L. and Summer make their entrance. Jeez, they fly the guy all the way to Hawaii, plant the gifts and notes he sends, and set up the whole proposal scene -- but they can't get a tux on him? There's much hugging and excitement. A few of the classmates seem to know Dave L. Summer shows off the ring, although it looks different from the ring she was wearing at the final episode party. Tim is shown getting a drink from the open bar, all by himself. Aww. In an interview, he says that he hadn't expected for the whole engagement thing to be so emotional, "and I had a lot going on in me, and I had to get it out." Well, this makes him sound like he's going to be all Jeremy-spoke-in-class-today, if you know what I mean. But actually, it means another letter/poem. He takes the mic by the stage and reads it aloud: "My friend, tonight life will open one of her rare and luminous flowers to you, and your world will become more real than it ever was before…may the stars shine silver and bright upon your life to come." Summer cries. The drunk English teachers nod. "Eh. Not bad." "Yeah. The little shit read too much Kerouac, though." "Didn't they all?"

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