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Summer waits through the commercials. Summer probably doesn't give a fuck what's going to happen on the next Everwood right now. Yeah, well, neither do we.

Back to Summer waiting. "I hope whoever the secret admirer is, it's somebody good, and that they're not just playing a trick on me." Suddenly, from behind a hedge, out comes…a guy. Some guy! Do we know this guy? Well, actually, I did meet this guy briefly when I talked to Summer at the "Episode 3" viewing party a few weeks ago and she introduced him as her boyfriend. But still -- it's some guy. I feel almost as much Some Guy disorientation as the rest of you. Summer lets out a high squeak and runs over and hugs him. The guy introduces himself in an interview: "I'm Dave, I'm Summer's boyfriend." Summer explains that he was her high school sweetheart and they'd started dating again last year. They show a photo of them together, and I think I might have mistaken Dave for Maurice in a couple of the photos in Summer's "Episode 1" intro. Anyway. Summer and Dave L. hug. Dave tells her jokingly that he "was in the area, and decided to stop by." "Seriously, though, I got a question for you," he says. "Yeah?" says Summer, who starts wriggling around again. He kisses her and gets down on one knee. She runs around in a little circle and giggle-shrieks. Man, it's like Christmas morning in Disneyland for her, isn't it? Dave L. takes her hand and tells her that since she's been gone, he's realized that he doesn't ever want to be away from her again, and he wants to be with her forever. Summer's now started to incorporate cooing noises into her repertoire of mouth-sounds, but when he finally says, "Will you marry me," she's able to say, "Yes!" Dave L. stands up, and they kiss and hug, and Dave L. takes out a ring box, and when she sees it, she forgets English and pretty much any kind of evolved system of language. I guess she could be speaking Hawaiian, but I don't think so. "Do you want it?" Dave L. asks, holding up the ring box, and Summer squeaks and twitters like a parakeet and flails around to let him know she wants shiny! Wants the shiny-shine on her handy-hand thing! Yi! Yi! She kisses him again and then manages the syntax to say, "I'm going to pass out now."

Back at the house, Tim and Nicole toast "to new friends." Ones who've had their long-held high school romantic expectations dashed to bits, that is. Tim says in an interview, "The most important thing about this reunion for me was getting the chance to do something special with Summer." He continues in voice-over that when he didn't get to take Summer to Prom, "it got to me." He starts to cry in the kitchen. "It's happy and sad at the same time," he says. Nicole and Holly come over and stroke his head and comfort him. Oh, yeah -- Tim knows where to cry.

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High School Reunion




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