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Summer comes down the stairs all glammed out. Maya and Natasha compliment her, just for the sake of giving a compliment. Tim shows up with Summer's corsage and she puts it on, and they hug, and she's very excited. Then Tim starts kind of hemming and hawing. "Uh, Summer? Uh…" This makes Summer even more hyper: "Aww! You're too cute! You're all nervous!" She claps her hands, even. Tim starts wringing his and says, "Look, there is nothing more in the world right now that I would like to do than take you to the prom --" "Woooooo!" says Summer. Oops, that is so not the right response. Chill, Summer. "Instead, I have to give you something," says Tim. "You look so serious! What?" says Summer. He takes out another Secret Admirer envelope, and she reads it, which sets off another round of shrieking intercut with moments of confusion expressed at normal voice levels: "OH MY GOD!!! What? OH!!! AUGHH!!! Oh, wait. Is this you? OH MY GOD AIEEEEEEEEE!!! Huh." Tim tells her it's not him, and there's a limo waiting for her out front. Tim walks her out, while the rest of the classmates follow to see what's going on. He opens the door to a white limo, and Summer peeks in, and she's like, "Uh, there's nobody in there," and Tim tells her it'll take her someplace, and then she's all "AIEEEEEEEEEEE!" again. For Summer, comprehension = screaming. "I have to go someplace else now? Where I am I going?" she asks Tim. "Je ne sais pas," says Tim. "And I have to leave everybody?" says Summer. "Aiieeeeeyahh-ah!" Well, okay, I guess confusion also = screaming for Summer. She hugs Tim and then does this little pee-pee dance. By now everyone's screaming for her to get in the car, like, before she completely loses her shit. Seriously, it's getting so she can only communicate in squeaks and squeals, like a dolphin. The limo pulls away. Everyone asks Tim what's going on. "I know nothing," he says. Everyone's like, "Bullshit!"

In the limo, Summer reads the note aloud: "'A limo is waiting outside to take you to me, so that we may be alone.'" She starts giggling. "Kinda scary," she says. Well, it's kinda late to start reading The Gift of Fear now. The limo pulls up to a spot along a beach. Summer's only instructions are to sit down at the table that's been set up and wait for her secret admirer. She goes over and sits down and spazzes out a little and then stops. She says in voice-over: "Any second now I know that there's going to be another person there, and I'll find out in a minute!" Summer waits. The little table's all done up with a pink tablecloth and centerpiece and leis adorning the chairs. Soon he will come! And he will take her drink order!

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High School Reunion




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