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In the kitchen, Summer shows off the charm bracelet she got last week. "I got another secret admirer present," she tells Dan B. and Natasha. Barbato checks out the bracelet. "Somebody's not messing around," he says. In an interview, Summer says that "there are these little hints of attraction floating around the house." Cue clips of Summer hanging out with Maurice, Chris, and Tim. She thinks that she'll probably find out who the secret admirer is at the prom, and she thinks it might be Tim, since he asked her to go. "I don't know if my boyfriend at home is going to appreciate some mysterious secret lover at the house sending me notes, and I'm eager to find out what the situation is," she says. Eager, like she can't WAIT to tell him she has a boyfriend and totally crush his hopes. Well, that's probably not what she meant. She's just flirty. Even with the stalkers.

All the guys pile into a van to go get fitted for tuxedos. Not a minivan this time -- a full-size, studly MAN VAN. The preferred mode of transport for men who want to look good but don't want to sit too close to each other, if you know what I mean. Chris voices over that the idea of going to Prom again is "weird and exciting at the same time." He says, "The excitement was flowing through our veins." Man, rented formalwear will do that to you. In the van, JockDan admits that he's nervous and asks Jeff if he is, too. "Sarah told me she's not wearing underwear," says Jeff. Heh. I'm glad she gets to live down the flashing incident, and maybe even give the HellBra a break. The guys go to the rental place and start getting dressed up. "It brings back those feelings of going to 'The Prom,'" says Maurice, indicating the quotes with his fingers. Yeah, that's kind of "the idea" here. Dave yells out, "Is there any more cummerbunds?" ("Finish your drink, Saundra!" "Oh, sweet fucking Chekhov, I'm wasted now!") "I absolutely hate this color," says Dave, holding up a pink cummerbund. It looks like they had only eight different colors of cummerbund to choose from. Dude, be glad you didn't have to scramble for a formal dress on Joe Millionaire.

Back at the house, the girls are getting ready -- putting their hair in rollers, putting on facial masks. I have to give Patricia credit for knowing that Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque kicks ass, even though it's one of the cheapest things out there. Seriously. By way of some blatantly expositional dialogue between Tim and Maurice that I won't even bother to recap, plus some recycled voice-over sound bites from Summer, we learn that Tim is making up for his huge mistake in not asking Summer to Prom ten years ago by taking her tonight. It's his chance to make it right! Do or die! The girls continue to primp. Summer shows off her dress, which she got for twenty bucks. "Are you serious?" says Nicole. Hey, when you make art for a living, you know how to work a sale. The guys button their cuffs and cummer their bunds, or whatever. Jason says, "I'm going stag, but it's all right." Well, he thinks that a pair of sport sunglasses is a great formalwear accessory, so no wonder. Jeff says he's taking Sarah, "and she was showing her boobs last night, so I'm guessing I'm gonna get some." Back in her room, Sarah says, "I'll think I'll impress him -- show him some boob." Aww, they are like one with the boob jokes. The snappy one-liners come fast and furious now. Chris: "Somebody better get laid tonight, because we're looking good." Tim: "I feel pretty slick!" Jeff: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" Dave: [Stupid hyena laugh.] The guys all pose for a picture in their dress shirts and cummerbunds. The array of cummerbund colors make them look sort of like waiters at a gay dinner theatre, but they look swell otherwise.

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