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We see clips from throughout the show, treated to look like scratchy old home-movie film stock, because of course eight months ago is now so in the past that it actually dates back to before any of these people were born. Remember Jeff in his Speedo? That was 1967, right? Here's Tim playing the harmonica, back when he was with the original line-up of the Doobie Brothers. Yep. Anyway. Final thoughts. Final interviews. Everyone's changed. Everyone's the same. Everyone's going to miss everyone and everything. Everyone's resolved their past high school issues. I know I have. I've had to watch this show so many times now that it feels like I went to high school with these people -- which, I mean, I did, but it's not like I remembered most of them, except part of my brain has been telling me that I should remember them, and then I meet some of them in person and it messes with me more, and, well, now it's all pretty much displaced anything I might have remembered about my own OPRF days. No offense, Class of '89; I'm sure you were all very nice people. Whatever. The sun begins to set, and the classmates walk along the beach carrying their luggage. Or their memories. Or my memories. Or something.

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High School Reunion




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