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Dan and Natasha, sitting in a tree

Previously on High School Reunion: The first fourteen classmates met up in Maui; Ben went on a date with Natasha; Nicole confessed to having a longtime crush on Dan; Dan and Nicole went on a date; Dan kissed Nicole, Dan caressed Nicole's face, Dan kissed Nicole some more; Nicole told Dan she's really into him; Dan kissed Nicole yet again in slow-motion close-up; KK yelled, "I WANT TO PEEL MY SKIN OFF NOW!" at the TV.

Day Two. It's morning at the Hawaii Hideaway. Waves. Mist. A rainbow.

Wendola: A rainbow! Like a promise from God!
JS: That he'll never make another Dan Barbato.
LT: I want to believe. I do.

Ben is jogging on the beach; Jason's on the treadmill. Everyone else is just waking up. Nicole voice-overs that it's a little awkward this morning, having to be around Dan after their date. "It's strange, it's just like high school again," she says. Dan gazes into his cup of coffee, as if he's thinking, "Coffee, baby, I'm like, so glad I'm drinking you, seriously, coffee, I mean, we're cool, coffee, like, yeah, seriously." Nicole says that "it's so high school that Dan would go out with me, kiss me, and then not even say 'good morning,' you know?"

Natasha's in the bathroom when Patricia comes in, and right away Patricia asks, "If you could pick two people who wanted to hook up, or who are just kind of just hiding it right now, who would you pick?" Is that how gossips ask to borrow the dental floss? The hell? Natasha thinks that a couple of the "boys" want to hook up with Holly. They both wonder who Holly likes, and both think she must dig Dan. Patricia says that a lot of the younger girls at their school probably had a crush on Dan. KK: "No. Wrong. Troll." "He was the jock from Oak Park, real macho," says Patricia, "and now he's done some really interesting things." JS: "Like grow breasts." Natasha agrees with Patricia and says that Dan's "definitely the top choice here for the girls." She has this creepy me want alpha male look in her eyes. They start talking about how Dan and Nicole kissed on their date. "It was just, like, a little kiss," says Natasha. "I wonder if maybe Nicole always wanted to do that," says Patricia. "Did he kiss her back? Do you think that maybe Dan was just feeling 'in the moment' or something?" It's really cool how Patricia woke up fully groomed and apparently doesn't need to brush her teeth, which frees her up for all this expository dialogue. She doesn't even have to pee! When she goes to the bathroom, only gossip comes out!

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