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Future Imperfect

Mohinder's at the lab when Maya comes in, and he babbles about his success so far. She tells him he needs to destroy the formula, and he's like, "What? Why would I do that? Just because in the wrong hands, it could be used to make a race of evil immortal supervillains is no reason to flush this thing down the toilet!" Man, he's an idiot. Oh, I'm sorry, he's "brave." The conversation continues in this vein for a while, with Maya contending that this is a horrifically terrible idea of epic proportions on a grand scale, and Mohinder completely ignoring her, which I'd be on board with ordinarily but she's of course completely right. Mohinder does, at least, recall his father, but he thinks that if he'd had a Hero ability, he might have been able to stop Sylar from killing him. She's aghast that he would inject himself with the formula, and opines that the abilities are a curse. This seems like an ideal time to start with the crying, just to drive home the point, but she skips it, instead asking if what's in the syringe can cure her. Mohinder's awkward expression is all she needs to see: "Then it's evil. And you should destroy it. For the sake of all of us." She exits, and I commend her for making her point succinctly and well and then leaving. I will commend her much more if she'll just stay away.

Nathan's back in his hospital bed, and wakes to find Peter in the chair next to him. The pancake makeup has lessened, but he still looks crappy for him, which would of course be a good day for most of the rest of us. Peter shows him a newspaper with a banner headline about his miraculous recovery, and Nathan closes his eyes exhaustedly. "I thought I dreamed that." He tells Peter that God saved him, which seems like as good an excuse as any for Peter to come a lot closer for really no reason at all and point out that there are a lot of people with extraordinary abilities, and he himself came back from the dead. Nathan puts a hand on Peter's shoulder: "And who's to say this isn't the hand of God?" I'll just leave that one alone. His point is that they could be angels, there to do God's bidding, and if that's true let's grab a pin and get the answer to Sylar's question from earlier. Peter looks at Nathan and asks what happened to the idea of telling the world about them. Nathan: "Well, we couldn't be angels if everyone knew, now could we?" Nathan pretty clearly needs a nap, so it's nice that he passes out immediately, leaving Peter the opportunity to say that he doesn't expect Nathan to understand what he did to him, but he hopes someday he'll forgive him. He kisses his brother again, and when you think about how many takes they must do to film this show, you have to wonder if there's a permanent imprint of Milo Ventimiglia's lips on Adrian Pasdar's forehead. Peter leaves, but just when you think we're going to cut out of the scene, we stay on Nathan for a while, and then pan right again to reveal...LINDERMAN! WOW! That was completely unexpected and totally rocked my world. Nathan realizes that Linderman's the one that healed him, and Malcolm McDowell's authoritative voice intones, "There's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them how we will. It seems you and I are meant for great things, Nathan. Great things indeed." Awesome!

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