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Future Imperfect

When we come back, Claire is laid out on the coffee table, twitching as Sylar roots around in her skull. But unlike his other victims, she's still alive, so they get to have a chat as he works. It would be funny if she just annoyed him by asking him random teen-girl questions like what he thought of the latest InTouch, or singing "Sylar Sylar Fo-Fylar", because what else can he do to her now? But she just asks what he's up to, and he grits, "I'm looking for answers before I bleed to death." At least he doesn't seem to be holding a grudge. He's also still got the knife buried in him to the hilt, and that's probably serving to minimize the blood flow, but I'm surprised he can move his hands or even talk without screaming. Claire says she's looking for answers too, and wonders why she can't feel anything, so Sylar has to tell her that the brain has no nerve endings. He extols the wonders of that organ, and muses about how much we'd know if we used all of it. We'd probably be able to figure out what that whole "lipstick on a pig" expression is all about, at least. Sylar groans in pain before continuing, "Why is there evil? How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How do we make love stay?" He touches Claire's exposed brain and says the answers are all right there, and she asks if he's going to eat it. Sylar: "Eat your brain?" He leans in and whispers, "Claire, that's disgusting." HA HA HA! Oh, man, I wish Erin were still doing this show for many reasons, the first being that her recaps were hilarious and I miss them terribly, but I also wish that she were around to claim this shout-out to the many "Braaaaaains" jokes she made about Sylar. But I will pick it up in her stead. Sylar gets back to work, and finally finds what he's looking for. He does whatever it is he does, which basically looks like tapping her brain in a particular spot, and it's not like I wanted to see him chow down but that does seem pretty anticlimactic. When he's done, he removes the knife -- and his wound closes up. As Jerry Seinfeld once said in another context: This is no good. But Sylar doesn't see it that way, as he grins maniacally to another round of Sylar's Theme Ticking. He starts to leave, but pauses at Claire's hair and skullcap, which are lying there on the floor like a wig at the end of a drag show. Seemingly moved by some affinity for Claire, he picks it up and replaces it almost affectionately atop her head, and once it's reattached itself, she regains her ability to move normally. She sits up and disbelievingly asks the exiting Sylar if he isn't going to kill her, but he merely looks at her with a mixture of curiosity and sympathy: "Poor girl. There's so much about yourself you don't understand." He tells her that her brain, and her whole self, are not like the other Heroes. "You're different. You're special. And I couldn't kill you even if I wanted to." He adds that she can never die, and now, he supposes, neither can he. If, as seems overwhelmingly likely, Peter is also immortal, that is going to be one awkward threesome when they're the only ones left on the planet. Seriously, though, aren't Peter and Sylar getting a little too powerful? How is this all going to end? Sylar's Theme Ticking cranks up to eleven as he heads out, leaving Claire and the abject look of horror on her face behind.

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