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Future Imperfect

Peter's back in the closet looking for the gun when Matt appears, holding it in his hand with an accusing look on his face. Peter tries to dissemble, talking about how the medics are calling Nathan's recovery a miracle, and saying that the bullets hardly did any damage. "Like his body had already healed from the inside." Matt won't be deterred, however, asking how Peter knew where to find the gun, and pointing out that there was no reason for Peter to believe the gunman left it behind. Which brings up another issue: Why did he stash it? Even if he had planned on replacing his present self rather than doing it on the fly, he could have just teleported the gun away, especially given that it took him several precious seconds to hide it. It seems contrived. Through jarring camera cuts and dissonant music, we're then meant to know that Matt is trying to penetrate Peter's mind, but it seems like Peter is able to ward off the attack, which causes Matt physical pain, much as when his own father repelled his mental probe. Peter then sneers, "You had to go and be the detective, didn't you, Matt?" Well, it has always been pretty important to him. Peter's face then morphs to that of Future Peter, which I'm guessing means that among the powers he has is Candice's illusionism. Matt's floored, and Future Peter tells him he came back to stop Nathan from telling the world about them. "Now that you know, you can't be here." He raises a hand, and Matt flies toward him and then disappears. Peter may not have his shirt off, but that was still hot. Future Peter emerges from the closet, and as he heads toward us, he changes his appearance back before we cut to a commercial break.

In the hospital, Nathan comes to with a start. He sees an innocent-looking suit and dress shirt hanging on the door to his room, although from the creepy music playing, you'd think it was made of anthrax and spiders.

Future Peter enters the hospital. Is he going to try again? No, because when he checks Nathan's room, he's gone. And so is the suit DUN DUN DUN!

Outside the hospital, some reporter is doing a TV segment about Nathan when the man himself appears and crosses behind him. Smelling a promotion, the guy gets the crew to follow him...

...into what I'm guessing is the hospital chapel, although he had to walk across an outdoor courtyard to get there. Nathan stands at the front of the pews, and then turns to a woman who's praying behind him and tells her in Spanish that he saw God that day. The woman gives a little smile like, "You probably don't know the Spanish word for 'blasphemer', so I'm not going to waste my breath."

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