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Future Imperfect

In a cool cut, we see a door handle turning, but when we pan left, we see not Claire but Maya. All right, it would be cooler if it were, say, anyone else. She's holding what I actually think is a cricket bat, which is a nice touch given Mohinder's heritage, and also makes sense in that cricket is about as boring as his voiceovers. (I lived in England for a couple years, and I at least really tried to get into it, so save your e-mails, cricket fans.) When the door opens Maya swings the bat, thinking, from the suspicious way the handle was moving, it's Sylar come back for her. Honey, he's a little busy with someone who has a power a lot cooler than bug eyes and black viscous tears. The man opening the door is actually Mohinder, who somehow manages to avoid getting his skull split open. He tells Maya that the lock is dodgy before adding that he got Molly away on a plane, and the flight attendant said she'd be taken care of, but he's still unsure he did the right thing. Maya thinks no one will find her "there," and then says it's time for her examination. I've got the results right here: boring. Although if she were to find a way to resurrect her scorching brother, most would be forgiven. Anyway, Mohinder tells her that he can't help her -- he's at a dead end with his research, so he's packing up and heading back to India. Maya's like, I cried deadly tears all the way from South America to get a cure, so you'd better at least try, or you're just going to be the last in a string of rather aesthetically displeasing corpses. The music swells to punctuate this sentiment, and her eyes start to go dark. Mohinder's follow suit, but with an effort, she pulls herself back to normal and apologizes. She starts to leave, but Mohinder's had an epiphany -- does her ability always manifest when she gets upset? She confirms that, and adds that it stops when she manages to calm down. So all those people died because she couldn't close her eyes and count to ten? Mohinder realizes this must mean that the key to the abilities are tied up in adrenaline, and explains that while his father was trying to isolate the gene that caused the powers, he was looking in the wrong place. That...really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and I think it's totally lame that suddenly everyone can have powers when up until now, they've so clearly been handed down through bloodlines. He pulls out a hypo and tells Maya, "All I have to do is make you mad again." At the risk of repeating myself: Have you tried a voiceover?

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