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Future Imperfect

Claire is watching an extended version of the news report on the shooting from earlier, She makes a decision, and, presumably a short time later, she's tossing the last of some stuff into a bag and striding purposefully toward her bedroom door. However, when she opens it, she runs smack into Sylar OH MY GOD AWESOME. Actually, it's not only awesome but also hilarious, because he's just leaning against the jamb, like "I would have just hung out for six more hours if that's what it took for this moment, because one of my less-known powers is my ability to be the biggest drama queen on the planet." With conversational menace, he walks toward her as, terrified, she backs up, and he tells her that he took a little detour down Mexico way from his "career path" (heh), but it's all behind him now, "like a long night after a bad taco." That is certainly something that will end up behind you, yes. (Hey, he started it.) Claire tells him that she saw Hiro kill him, like that's at all relevant, and he says he's recovered, but not fully, which is why he's there. Creepy ticking starts kicking up throughout the scene, which I'm just going to refer to as Sylar's Theme Ticking, because that's what it is, and he breathes that he wants her power. Claire, however, has backed up to the point where she's surreptitiously able to wrap her hand around one of her larger cheerleading trophies, and she swings it now, clocking him across the temple and sending him to the ground. Good thing she learned to be aggressive! B-E aggressive! She goes running down the stairs and gets the front door open, but it suddenly slams shut and won't budge, and soon all the other means of egress follow suit. The phone also turns out not to be an option, so in the darkened house (Sylar killed the lights, too, just for good measure) Claire grabs a large knife and listens for Sylar's footsteps. She opens the French doors to her dad's study and walks in, and, creepily, we see Sylar appear behind her but keep on walking like he just wanted to check out her ass. But while Sylar may have a lot of powers, the ability to pull that off convincingly isn't one of them. Claire backs up without looking, which: stupid, and then swivels toward where Sylar now is, but he's apparently gone invisible. But only for a moment, as when Claire turns and walks the other way, we see Sylar's reflection in one of the glass panes in a kitchen cabinet, and jokes and horror-movie clich├ęs aside, this scene is creepy and well done. Claire keeps going, but suddenly Sylar is right behind her. She seems to divine his location, however, and whirls and swings the knife at his face, forcing him to duck to the floor and giving her the opportunity to run and hide in the pantry. Sylar looks like he's had enough cat and mouse, and heads meaningfully to the doors, but Claire manages to wrap a handy chain around the two handles, thwarting him for the moment. I'm assuming that this is where the fact that his recovery is only partial is hindering him, because normally the thought of chains stopping him would be even dumber than the thing with Peter and the gun earlier.

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