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Future Imperfect

We see a TV broadcast from Odessa about the shooting, and Present Claire, at the Bennet house in Costa Verde, is of course out of her mind with worry over her biological father. She calls Peter, who answers his cell (in an ambulance! You'd almost think he's trying to kill Nathan!) and tells her Nathan's alive, but is in bad shape. Claire says she should be there, and that her blood can help, but he tells her he needs surgery, and she should hang tight. You'd think Claire would point out that Peter could pop out to her and get her to the hospital before the doctors would even have a chance to scrub up, but of course Claire has no reason to suspect that Peter wouldn't have Nathan's best interests at heart, so it's believable that her mind wouldn't think to contradict him in the heat of the moment. On the other hand: What's West up to?

Nathan gets rushed into the ER, and among the information we hear the staff barking at each other is that Nathan was "down" for four minutes. Yikes. The guy in charge boots Peter out, who watches worriedly as Nathan gets the paddles. Peter sits against the wall...

...and we dissolve to later, when the doctor chucking something against the wall in disgust pretty much tells us everything we need to know. Peter gets to his feet, and the doctor is like, "I'm sorry." Um...thanks? Peter enters to stand next to Nathan's corpse, and ruffles his hair as he wonders who plastered the pancake makeup on him. Seriously, I know he lost a lot of blood, but he's putting to shame both kabuki dancers and the cast of True Blood. Peter kisses his brother's forehead and says it should never have happened this way, and you'd think he's been on a television show long enough not to tempt fate like that. Because sure enough, after a couple cuts back and forth, Nathan suddenly comes to life, although between the makeup and the disorientation he certainly seems more like a zombie than anything else. We don't get to see just how freaked out Peter is, though, instead cutting to the title card.

Hiro stares blankly into space, but then gets a mischievous look on his face and starts playing with the clock on his desk, using his power to keep pushing it back by a few seconds at a time. I wish I could do that when I'm on deadline. I have to say, though, that at first I couldn't believe they were recycling so many storylines -- Nathan going back into politics with a certain someone pulling his strings, Hiro visiting an apocalyptic future, and the like. It seemed lazy and uninspired. But I realized, on second viewing, that even little details from the beginning are being copied, such as this one, with Hiro dicking around with the clock, and Claire recording her self-inflicted injuries in the next ep. It makes me wonder if all the repetition is intentional and part of the story they want to tell. Either that, or it's really lazy and uninspired. Anyway, Hiro entertains himself in this vein for a while, each time squeezing his eyes in so tight a manner as to look more appropriate for the executive toilet, before we're told that we're in Tokyo, at Yamagato Industries, which was of course his father's company. Ando brightly enters and asks if he's busy, "sir," and Hiro tells him to knock it off with that crap. They chat in Japanese, with Hiro saying that he's not turning into his father, and Ando contending that regardless, all the power Hiro now has is intimidating, as is the two hundred and fifty million in cash of which he's apparently in possession. Hiro: "I have no interest in money." Well, my boy, feel free to send some of it this way. It seems only fair, given your excruciatingly boring storyline I endured last season. Of course, if it's yen we're talking about, I think he's only got the equivalent of around two and a half million dollars, but still. Ando basically says the same thing more diplomatically, but Hiro starts babbling about his destiny and how he's bored. Hey, Hiro, why not pick up a copy of Oh, The Places You'll Go? It seems especially appropriate in your case. Also, I'm sure your sister is thrilled with your ho-hum attitude toward the business she slaved over while you were busy being a huge disappointment to your dad. Hiro then reaches into the Dusty Drawer of Television Conventions for a call-and-response bit as he says that it's not like destiny is going to come knocking, and just like that, there's a rap on the door. An older Japanese gentleman pokes his head in, and I pictured someone younger with much bigger boobs to be named Destiny, but they do things a lot differently in Japan, from what I've gathered from Babel and Lost In Translation. The guy hands something over to Hiro and leaves, and Hiro tells Ando that that was actually his family's lawyer, and that Kaito apparently recorded a DVD message to him before he died. "He said it was about my destiny." I mean this in the nicest possible way: Shut up, Hiro.

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