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Future Imperfect

...back to the present day, where Ando rushes up to him and asks him what happened. Hiro: "We've gotta find that formula!" What's the Japanese for "No shit, Sherlock?"

In New York, Mohinder's down by the harbor, and holds the syringe over the water like he's going to drop it. But he doesn't, which may be just as well from the standpoint that the marine life in there is probably mutated enough. However, possibly troubling is the fact that he injects himself with the formula. We hear an accelerated heartbeat on the soundtrack, and then, with a jolt, Mohinder collapses.

Mama Petrelli is already at the sleeping Nathan's bedside when Peter enters. She turns and looks at him balefully, and he returns the favor before walking on. She leaves to join him for a confab in the hallway: "What have you done with Peter?" He regards her appraisingly, and she explains that his first power -- the dreams -- was "inherited" from her, and she dreamed he'd come and what he'd do. I think it's more likely that it's the first power he absorbed, not that he was born with it, not that it really matters. He tells her that if she can see the future, she knows that the formula she and the ElderHeroes tried to hide gets out and destroys everything, but she shoves him up against the wall (go, badass Mama Petrelli!) and breathes, "The only future I've ever seen is the one caused by you." He says that Nathan doesn't have to die now, but she tells him that's irrelevant -- by shooting him, he screwed everything up. And while I'm not going to parse all the time-travel on this show, the mere fact of Hiro's recent jaunt to the future seems to back up her contention, assuming that she doesn't want to destroy the world, which I'd say is better than fifty-fifty. She goes on that something different happens now, and it's all his fault. She lets that hang for a moment, and then asks again, "What did you do with my son?" Peter assures her he put him someplace safe...

...and we're at Unit 5, where the guy from the file, Jesse Levine (played by Francis Capra, apparently, although I honestly wouldn't have recognized him on my own) is yelling that he's Peter. He's in a cell with a glass front, and he keeps yelling as we pan left to see the African-American guy, Knox, jumping around in a straitjacket, and then the third guy, who's shooting what also seems to be a flamier version of Elle's power uselessly at the glass. From here, Mohinder, in voiceover, recites the entirety of the source of the episode title, William Butler Yeats's "The Second Coming," and while it's way more interesting than his other voiceovers I'm still not going to transcribe it. Let's just say it's heavy with religious overtones and doesn't bode well for the forces of good. (You can read it here.) Jesse Petrelli keeps yelling, and the guards aren't listening but Bennet, in another cell, is. Sandra and Lyle come home to find Claire, crying and devastated. Matt wanders the desert and comes across an image painted into a rock of the world split in two by a fiery, jagged line. Sylar walks jauntily down a residential street, the folder he took in his hand. Nathan sleeps as Linderman sits by his side. Tracy (Niki?), alone, watches Nathan on TV again, no longer looking like she doesn't remember him. Mohinder wraps up the poem...

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