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Future Imperfect

Some expensive-looking guy in his fifties is watching a news bulletin from the reporter from earlier, and he calls to "Tracy" that he thinks they've found their man. She calls in, "Isn't that my job, Governor?" and when her scantily-clad ass appears, we see that it's Ali Larter. She doesn't seem to recognize Nathan from his image on the TV, asking his name as she sits with the Governor in a very familiar manner. When he tells her, she smiles. "I like him." No need for a white cane, then.

In a desert somewhere, Matt is lying unconscious with a SCORPION ON HIS FACE. He comes to, possibly from feeling the thing but more likely from the "I'm going to STING YOU, mwa ha ha" telepathic message that keeps running through his head. He manages to brush the thing off without incident, but still isn't all that happy with his situation, hammily yelling "No!" and "Is there anybody here?" By way of answering, the camera quick-pulls way back, which is much cooler than a simple negative.

It's night on the streets of Tokyo, and Hiro is telling Ando about Flashette, saying it was like she was moving at the speed of sound, and speculating that she knew he was going to open the safe. Hiro and Ando babble uselessly for a bit until Ando suggests he go back into the past and ask his father the full deal. Hiro isn't down with that, though, as the lesson he took from last season's excruciatingly boring storyline is never to go back into the past again. He decides instead to head into the future and see how the world is destroyed, so he can stop it. Ando starts to object, but Hiro makes his Number Two Face, and disappears...

...and then reappears in the same spot, but with quite a different scene happening, as there's an airraid siren going off and people running around in a panic. Above him, a level up by what looks like a food court, he sees his future self and Future Ando. Future Hiro is holding the formula, which Future Ando demands from him. Future Hiro says that if Future Ando stops him now, the world will be destroyed. Future Ando doesn't agree, so Future Hiro draws what I'm assuming is the Kensei sword. But Hiro watches in horror as Future Ando zaps Future Hiro with what looks like Elle's electricity power, although the bolts are red instead of blue. Future Hiro collapses, and Future Ando, who, by the way, is dressed in a green jumpsuit that looks kind of military, takes the paper from him. (By the way, this isn't the badass Future Hiro -- he looks pretty much the same as in the present.) Ando rushes off, but probably doesn't get far, as Hiro rushes down the street for a moment, but stops when he sees the skies starting to storm. The power immediately goes out throughout the whole city, and, without ado, a shock wave causes buildings to collapse in his general direction. Cars fly up off the road, but just as one is about to flatten Hiro, he time-shifts out of there...

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