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Future Imperfect
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Welcome to Season Three! As we knew from last season's finale, we're now in Volume Three, entitled "Villains." The usual shot of the earth spinning gives way to Peter running as fast as he can by a bunch of warehouses. He reaches a particular one and quickly enters and bolts the door, but when we pan back, we see a figure behind him, holding a gun. Chyrons tell us that we're in Manhattan, four years in the future, and as we switch angles to a front shot of Peter, the figure behind him raises and cocks the gun. Peter breathes, "Come on, Claire. It's me." On the one hand, I'm pretty sure she knows that, so playing on her sympathies doesn't seem too likely to work. But it's possible he intended to convey, "I have so many powers at my disposal that I need a PDA to keep track of them all, which you know, so the idea of you thinking you can stop me with a mere gun is so ridiculous that I would be cracking up if my mother had ever taught me to laugh, which she did not." Future Peter is still sporting that facial scar, and begs a now-brunette and leather-catsuited Claire to put down the gun, and says he's going to go back to "the day they all found out." She thinks it's too late for that, but he pleadingly says there would be no camps and no experiments if the humans had never found out about the mutants, to put the idea in the terminology of X-Men from whose universe the show seems to be borrowing. He adds, "They're gonna destroy everything," but Claire stalks forward and says she made peace with that a long time ago. "You never did." Well, Claire, I hate to piss off an angry twentysomething with a gun, but it's kind of hard to blame him, no? Future Peter sadly asks Claire how she got to this place, and she seethes, "I'm different, remember? Special." He begs her one last time to reconsider, and there's a moment when it seems like she's torn, but she steels herself and tells him she's sorry. "I always loved you." She moves to fire, but he closes his eyes and stops time, leaving the puff of smoke from the shot and the bullet itself to hang there in midair. He plucks the gun from her hand and vanishes, and once he's gone, the bullet ricochets against the door, and Claire looks around warily. Honey, even if you'd managed to shoot him, he would just have borrowed your regenerative powers, right? But hey, thanks for the gun! I know just where to use it!

Future Peter appears back in the Present Day, and grabs a hat from a nearby coat rack. He walks over a chyron of the episode title, which never stops looking totally cool, and we hear his brother giving the same speech from in the season finale. Future Peter sees his present self up on the dais with Nathan and Matt, but before he can really dwell on the existential oddity of the situation, he has to shoot his brother to prevent him from telling everyone about his powers. He then goes and stashes the gun in the closet in which he first materialized, and makes his escape. His present self is in pursuit, though, followed closely by Matt and some cops. When Matt reaches a men's room a few seconds after Present Peter, however, he only finds Present Peter holding Future Peter's cap and jacket. Peter tells Matt that he lost the assailant, and didn't get a good look at him. It occurred to me, especially given how shifty he's acting, that this might be Future Peter, but I wouldn't necessarily expect Matt to work that out. I would, however, expect him to wonder how the assailant made his escape from a total dead end, as the bathroom is. Does he think they're chasing someone with the ability to flush himself down the toilet? That's kind of a dud on the powers list, no?

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