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Everybody Hurts
d Samuel doesn't fight back. Gretchen wonders why. Then Claire jumps in to defend Samuel, and the guy says he'll take her on, or any of the freaks. The guy breaks a bottle and swipes Claire's face with it, but it heals. She tells him he can't hurt them and smiles as Samuel steps into the frame behind her and looks down at her like he owns her. It's very creepy, and does not bode well.

Our music is back as Peter leads Nathan onto a rooftop, and talks about the last time they were up here, when they talked about whether Nathan could fly. Peter asks if he remembers what he said, and Nathan says, "I said we could both fly." Peter asks if he remembers what he said before that: He denied it. Nathan says it was an election year, "denial was the go-to." Peter says it seems like a million years ago, and Nathan agrees it's been a lifetime. They walk to the edge, and Peter says they made it through it. Together. Peter says they can make it through anything, and Nathan asks, "Even death?" Peter doesn't know why not, but Nathan says it's because this isn't him; it's an illusion and is really Sylar. Peter says he's looking at Nathan, and he needs him to keep fighting in there, but Nathan says Sylar's killing him and he can't hold on anymore. Peter says he can, which is why Nathan came and found him. Nathan says, "I found you because I wanted to crucify you in Times Square." Peter manages not to say that he's the one doing the crucifying in this episode. Instead he tells Nathan that is not him. Nathan fights against himself, and says that's what he's trying to tell him. They hug, and hold each other tight, as Peter begs Nathan to stay with him.

When they break from their hug, they touch each other's faces, and it's way too homoerotic, even for this show. Nathan says he's sorry, and then leaps off the building. Peter catches him by the arm, which is totally unbelievable unless he's borrowed Nathan's super powers or something (he's obviously not using Rene's power anymore, or Sylar couldn't be shape shifted into Nathan, right?). As Nathan hangs there, Peter begs him to pull himself up, but Nathan asks Peter to let him go. He tells Peter to accept that he's gone. Nathan tells Peter he's going to have to carry on for the both of them. "Tell Mom I love her. And take care of Claire. (Forget about those other two kids I used to have, and actually mostly raised.) Fight the good fight. You've always been everything that's good in the world, and I've got a feeling the world ain't seen nothing yet."

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