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There's…Another Part?

Claire's just about exhausted herself flailing around with those wooden planks, but when Bennet offers her another shot at him, she reluctantly gives it a go. She whiffs it, though, and he asks what she's thinking, so she woodenly (sorry) tells him that every time he'd come home from a trip, she'd hold him tight so he wouldn't leave her again. With her anger on high, she succeeds in knocking out one of his legs from under him and taking advantage to hold the splintered end right in his face as she yells, "Why? Do you always? LEAVE!" Well, this might have something to do with it. She tosses the board aside and says she's going to get some air, but as he follows to try to talk to her, Elle opens the front door and sassily greets them with, "Hey, girls!" She tries to zap them, but her face falls when nothing happens. Of course, I don't know why she's trying a frontal assault on Claire when she's proven immune to her powers now -- they should have sent Sylar in first, as he (a) could hold Claire in place and (b) as far as they know, could take a gunshot, so this is dumb. Anyway, Elle asks if Bennet has The Haitian there, like suddenly they're just having a chat, and he draws his gun as he says no, it's just him, but she's not getting Claire. The camera spins, however, to reveal Sylar next to him: "Funny story. We are." That's not so much a "funny story" as a "silly line," but let's forget the shoddy dialogue and get to the fighting. Sylar tries a funny little flick of his finger (unlike his normal deliberate air cut) but nothing happens, and Bennet takes the time to send Claire falling to the floor in an effort to protect her before getting into the hand-to-hand with Sylar. Unfortunately, although I think Bennet by now has figured out that no one has powers at the moment, which was his incentive to protect Claire, that little delay allowed Sylar to get enough of a jump on him to knock the gun out of his hand, so while Bennet and Sylar are fighting, Elle picks up the weapon. So again: She's a killer now? And Sylar is too? For no reason? Great. Anyway, Bennet gets the best of Sylar, bashing his head into the wall a couple times before dislocating his shoulder, but Elle is making to shoot him, so Claire does what she normally does -- she runs in and takes the bullet. Bennet then viciously whacks Elle in the face, knocking her out, and as Sylar writhes in pain, Bennet picks Claire up. Now, I think this fight scene was very tense and well-done, and the stakes were through the roof because no one is immortal anymore, but I have to say, I would think Bennet would take the ten extra seconds it would take to kill Sylar here. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and despite his concern for Claire, the combination of his stated overwhelming desire to kill Sylar combined with the S.O.P. of not leaving an enemy at your back makes it difficult to believe he'd pass up his shot here. And to illustrate my point, Sylar crawls over and grabs the gun as Bennet is heading for the door, but Bennet manages to get out in time, despite all the slo-mo working against him.

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