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There's…Another Part?

It takes Nathan almost falling over a cliff for him to realize they've been going the wrong way, but, like older brothers everywhere, he refuses to admit he was wrong or to apologize to his younger sibling, so Peter yells, "You've got to stop treating me like your idiot kid brother!" And while Nathan's being a jerk, I have to admit that Peter's asking a lot here. Peter goes on that if he hadn't come, Nathan would be lost and alone, but Nathan whirls and points out that without Peter on his back, he probably would have made it home already. "I only brought you here to protect your fragile ego." And for a couple hours of quality touching, but we already know they don't talk about that. Nathan barks that he's been saving Peter's ass his whole life, and while the two examples he gives to back up that claim are valid, they're from the run of the show, so it might have been more effective to throw in the time Peter accidentally set his bangs on fire and Nathan had to throw himself on top of them to put them out. When Nathan finishes that Peter needs to earn his respect, though, Peter lashes out: "Why would I want your respect? You're a puppet!" Oh, snap! Peter actually made me pay attention! Nathan does not like this also very valid point, and even brings up Peter being a nurse, which (a) is cheap and beneath him, and (b) doesn't exactly differentiate him from his father, which gives Peter ammunition to go on that Nathan has only ever lived out their father's dreams, and has no spine. I would have stayed away from the word "spine" after what happened to Heidi, but this scene is the first one of the entire episode that's written believably and sharply enough to be engaging. He concludes this outburst by telling Nathan that their father has always been able to manipulate him, and Nathan replies by asking where all this is coming from. It sounds like it's coming from, like, you know, the truth, but I suppose Nathan's point is that they usually get along, and this is deeper stuff than Peter would normally say, so Peter has to tell him that in the future, Nathan chooses Arthur's side. Of course, Peter doesn't add that in that future, he slices his brother's head off, but I suppose he doesn't want to relinquish the upper hand here. Nathan understandably has had just about enough of all this future bullshit, and points out that he's there, now, trying to stop Arthur, and it would be nice if Peter would help him. He punctuates this statement by turning... and running right into The Haitian. (Just as well they didn't have to ask anyone where he was -- trying to find someone called "The Haitian" in Haiti sounds beyond the powers of even smart people.) The Haitian puts a finger up to his lips, as you might expect.

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