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There's…Another Part?

In Haiti (interesting eclipse that looks the same all over the U.S. and Haiti) Nathan and Peter recover from their fall, and Nathan tells Peter that his power is gone. Peter asks if there wasn't an eclipse the first day he flew, and Nathan says there was, and I think that was on a different show called "Ass," because it certainly didn't happen in Season One of Heroes. ["Especially since they JUST showed us again a mere two episodes ago that Nathan's powers appeared when he he escaped the car accident with Heidi, which was not the same day as the eclipse." -- Angel] Anyway, Peter thinks there might be a connection, which Nathan doesn't agree with for no reason other than that his powers didn't actually manifest from the eclipse, and he continues to be a dick when Peter tries to point them in the direction of The Haitian's village, as he studied the map, going another way instead and saying he saw it with his own eyes before they fell. Peter tries to get him at least to discuss the choice, but Nathan persists in going his own way, and Peter has no choice but to follow, given that not touching his brother for any length of time will cause him to experience withdrawal symptoms that would give a heroin recoveree the cold chills to see.

As Hiro and Ando watch eagerly from off to the side, Matt knocks on Daphne's door. A no-nonsense older man answers the door and informs Matt that Daphne isn't there. Convinced that that's not true, even though for all he knows she could have zipped out in the last couple minutes and been halfway to China by now, he calls in to her directly, and she responds by telling him to go away. Matt then tries to use his mind mojo on the dad, using his Intense Stare With Head to the Side, but it of course doesn't work, and after the second attempt, the dad bemusedly asks, "Why are you turning your head sideways?" Ha! That one actually made me laugh. Hopefully Matt will remember that question once the eclipse is over. Daphne's dad then withdraws, and after Matt tells Hiro and Ando what happened, Hiro does a power check and comes up empty as well...

...and inside, Daphne's sitting morosely on her bed as her dad comes in and asks if he's going to tell her who that was. The answer is no, and when he pointedly asks if she's feeling okay, she tells him, "It's happening again." He winces and says he's sorry, and when she asks if he still has "them," says yes, and goes off to get The Big Secret, like, unless he's going to get the multiple crack babies that the two of them made together, I don't think all this buildup is warranted.

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