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Matt and Ando have a pointless argument until Hiro holds up the stupid comic, apparently recognizing them say "Lawrence, Kansas," so because he read that in Japanese he knows what it sounds like in English? I may have to start drinking here. I think I've shown admirable restraint up to this point. Anyway, Hiro pops them all out of there...

...and they appear in a cornfield. Matt quickly spies Daphne's house, and confirms through his power that she's inside, so the three of them go running toward it, but before they get there, Ando stops them, and they all look up to see the eclipse getting closer to its total status. By the way, no one's pointed out that a fricking total eclipse would have been predicted by not only magic comic books and people with second sight, but, you know, ALMANACS. GOD. Also, looking straight at an eclipse is a great way to go blind, and it would serve everyone right on this show, I tell you what.

In frustration, Arthur pushes his stupid drawings off his desk, and if he's so impatient why hasn't he gone after Claire himself instead of sending inconsistently-written lackeys to do the job for him? We see the Mohinder drawing again...

...and in the lab, it's come to pass, as Mohinder's cocooned himself up against the wall. Hell of a power you got for yourself, dude.

At Primatech, Angela again looks at the picture of her family...

...and then, Arthur's drawing of Peter and Nathan changes into the real-life version, as the two of them suddenly fall out of the sky. Of course, that wasn't necessarily the eclipse, given that they're going after a guy who dampens powers, like, GOOD IDEA TO FLY RIGHT TO HIM.

A drawing of Sylar kissing Elle fades to Sylar stowing the rental guy's corpse in the trunk of one of his cars before getting into a convertible with the waiting Elle. I suppose he'll be crying about how he's a monster in about three seconds, given how many random about-faces these characters are making.

Claire takes one swing with the board, which doesn't really merit dramatic music, a slow camera pan, or really, a scene, but that's never stopped this show before. We then see the shot of her bleeding all over her dad's suit again. Bennet, I sense high dry cleaning bills in your future. Ooh, is Arthur going to come kill me now?

Mohinder's eyes suddenly snap open, and now that he has no special strength of course It makes sense that he could rip the webbing off like tissue paper, and seriously, how awful has this show gotten? He slides to the floor, naked and covered in goo like a baby, and looks in the mirror to see that the scales are gone from his body.

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