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There's…Another Part?

The moon is now obscuring a little of the sun, and Mohinder babbles into his tape recorder about the sun and the moon, and that "something" is happening to him, like, you'd think the scientist might have some fucking idea of what that is when it started in the first episode of the season. He then seems shocked -- SHOCKED! -- at the webbing all over his hands, like he didn't have an entire wall of cocoons in his stupid lab episodes ago. Forget being a scientist -- how does he remember to breathe all the time?

Bennet breaks off a board from the vortex-damaged floor and tosses it to Claire, telling her to hit him with it. She snits that this must be how he's going to get over his guilt, and adds that she's been just fine without him. She then brings up Doyle, but he points out the obvious facts that (a) she got lucky, and (b) she almost got Sandra killed, so that "success" is hardly anything to be crowing about. He goes on that she's acting "like a girl who can't get hurt, stupid and careless," and they go back and forth for a bit until she turns away and Bennet tells her again to hit him. After a moment, she swings the board at him, but he easily catches it and pulls her in, holding her fast by pressing the board up against her neck. He tells her that she's strong, but also clumsy, slow, and obvious, to which Claire does not reply, "But I'm a cheerleader!" Too bad -- that would have given me my first real laugh here. He counsels her to get her body weight into it, and when he tells her to give it another shot, she disbelievingly asks if he's teaching her tae kwon do." Bennet: "No. It's baseball." I will give him that one. Nice.

Tracy's in Angela's office (she... popped down there when? And is hanging out in there why?) telling Arthur via telephone that Nathan has flipped the script and is going after The Haitian. Arthur opines that them getting The Haitian is smart, and he can't allow Nathan to succeed, as if Nathan is the problem in the equation -- shouldn't Arthur's first target have been not painters but people who can actually, you know, suppress his abilities? Tracy worriedly opines that he won't hurt Nathan, but Arthur says it's time for him to see the world as it is, whatever the shit that means. From here, Tracy says something dumb, Arthur laughs in her face and tells her to go to "Paris Island," she tells him she doesn't take orders from him, he laughs in her face again, she lets us know that there's a Marine training facility on Paris Island, and Arthur tells her, "Every war needs an army." Just then, Tracy realizes that Angela is standing in the doorway, so she disconnects with some bullshit about Washington, saying there's no rest for the wicked. Angela: "Obviously not." Okay, but if you know she's against you, why are you, you know, LETTING HER LEAVE?

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