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Matt's doing his Mind Reading Head Tilt as he tries to read Hiro's thoughts, but they're all in Japanese, so he's flummoxed. Of course, he could repeat them to Ando and get them translated, but really, I don't see why he's bothering anyway -- he's got to undo the damage Arthur did, and hearing whatever dumb ten-year-old thing is going on in what passes for Hiro's brain doesn't seem like it would help. Daphne, with amusing curiosity, asks Ando, "Aren't you dead?" Ando, equally amusingly, calls her "nemesis," but she tells him she's a good guy now. Matt comes over and confesses his failure, and Daphne freaks about how Hiro is their only hope, as if she wasn't ready to bail on his stupid ass not five minutes ago. Matt says that despite his mental age, he can still use his powers (dubious, but I went over that last time). They turn and watch in horror as Hiro plays some nodding game with the turtle, continuing to insult ten-year-olds everywhere, and then Daphne decides to suddenly get all het up about how Matt paused for like a nanosecond before telling her he trusted her, which is ages to a speedster like her (that makes no sense, but whatever) and going on that he doesn't know her and what she's been through. He's finally had enough of her silly yo-yoing this episode, and gets in her head long enough to learn that her hometown is Lawrence, Kansas (Supernatural shout-out!). She then superzips out of there, and I am so embarrassed for Masi Oka when he has to squeal "Do it again! Do it again!" in Japanese. Man, this show is grim.

Sylar, again with the sudden extreme deference, tells Arthur (calling him "sir," once more) that "it" will all be taken care of. He then enters a rental-car place, in which Elle is waiting. She asks who was on the phone, and he tells her Arthur, and adds that Arthur thinks that Claire is with her father. Elle amusingly "uch"s this news, and says he's not going to make this any easier, but Sylar disagrees -- he knows how Bennet thinks and where he'll hide her. God, what a load of crap. I mean, I know Sylar "understands" things, but he hung out with Bennet for all of ten minutes, and why would he assume that Bennet would take Claire to one of the few places he actually knows about? Furthermore, WHY DID HE? Anyway, Elle makes just a little sense when she tells Sylar she's worried about him, with all the deference and the checking in and whatever, and then tells him that the counter guy is calling the police, as she told him Sylar was a serial killer and he kidnapped her. Sylar's understandably confused about this one, so Elle tells him it was wrong of The Company to hide their abilities, and they can do whatever they want. So after their whole stupid empathetic connections of the last two weeks, she's back to being both a loose cannon and a sociopath? Sylar tries to drag her out of there, but the counter guy appears with a shotgun, and Elle damsel-in-distresses it up until Sylar disgustedly lets her go. He politely asks the guy to put the gun down, but Elle, from behind the clerk, tells Sylar that everyone is trying to make him into something he's not, like, DID THE GUY SUDDENLY GO DEAF? Seriously, WTF? Instead, the guy says that he should just kill Sylar, and that would make him famous. "A bona fide hero." He clocks Sylar in the face with the butt of the gun, but Sylar recovers, and the guy watches in sudden fear as the cut from the impact of the gun heals before his eyes. Sylar grits, "I hate Heroes," and at this point, you'd be hard pressed to find dissenting opinions, I think.

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