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There's…Another Part?

Matt and Daphne are in Brooklyn, and as Matt looks through Kaito's "homicide file" for Hiro's number (nice organization Primatech is that they can't even supply that), Daphne opines that Hiro is a "spaz," but Matt replies with some unnecessary exposition about how Hiro is a time-traveler and a "walking do-over" (one of the show's biggest problems). Daphne tells Matt that Arthur scares her, and Matt dismissively says she doesn't have to be scared of him, as if he didn't just SNAP YOUR DAD'S NECK like, yesterday. More unnecessary rehash of how Daphne betrayed both Arthur and Matt leads to Daphne spazzing out a bit herself before she asks Matt if he trusts her completely. He hesitates for a tiny moment before assuring her that he does. He adds that he knows her, an assessment with which she disagrees, and then brings up the stupid spirit walk again, and this conversation is going nowhere so it's just as well that there's a loud knock on the door. Wary looks and ominous music ensue, like it's really common for bad guys to give their presence away by KNOCKING, and when Matt opens the door, there are Hiro and Ando. Hiro's literally doing a pee-pee dance as Ando shows him the comic book and says he has to fix Hiro. Matt asks what it says, because this page is in Japanese even though the one before was in English. Ando: "You have to fix Hiro." However much "no comment" there is in the world is how much I need for this moronic scene. Ando explains about how Hiro thinks he's ten, and then gives Daphne a quizzical look before Matt takes pity on Hiro and points him to the bathroom. I'm kind of surprised they didn't make James Kyson Lee ask, "Why didn't you go before we left?" I mean, it's hard to believe they'll draw the line anywhere at this point, you know?

So for no reason other than to reuse a set, I guess, Bennet has taken Claire to Vortex Guy's house, like, what happened to keeping her underground like Angela said? Bennet "explains" that the house has a simple setup and is "controllable," which is the clunky bridge to Claire snitting how she knows he likes to control things. He tells her he wants to keep her safe -- her, not the catalyst. Claire overacts the answering disdain, and God, her acting's gone down the shitter this season. One of my friends suggested that she and Ventimiglia are running lines together these days. It would certainly explain a lot.

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