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There's…Another Part?

At Primatech, Claire is pedewhining at Angela, who tells her that she has a plan to stop Arthur, but they all have to work together, so she's sent Nathan to find The Haitian (she...can't communicate with him in the field? How do they ever get anything done?) while Matt goes to retrieve Hiro, and Claire keeps her ass from getting caught. Claire protests, but Angela tells her she's staying underground and "off the grid." As they head into Unit 5, Claire asks if Angela's going to lock her up, and Angela gets in a decent one: "Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind." As Claire looks warily at the imprisoned Eric Doyle and Danny Pine, however, Angela says she has another plan. Claire's view swings around to the right, where Bennet is standing: "Hi, Claire-Bear." When that one doesn't get me even a little, you know the show's completely lost it.

Outside Primatech, Nathan tells Peter that he's just going to pop down, get The Haitian, and come right back. Peter, however, tells Nathan that The Haitian went down to nab this guy "Baron Samedi," a Level 5 escapee who's into drug trafficking, kidnapping, and slavery. Well, that doesn't sound so bad. I mean, if you really want to get my attention, you'll have to refer to him as a VILLAIN. Anyway, Nathan wishes his little brother would stop trying to tag along on his date here, but Peter sad-sacks about how he doesn't have a purpose anymore, and moves in close to Nathan for literally no reason, like, do the two of them have oppositely charged particles in their lips? Nathan accedes to Peter's request, resulting in Peter mounting him and them flying away past the sun and the moon. Climbing all over his brother's jock is one purpose of Peter's that doesn't seemed to have abandoned him.

Mohinder is rooting around in the Morlock's corpse, and this scene serves literally no purpose other than to show us that he's still in the throes of the slowest mutation in history...

...and then he's charging into Arthur's office demanding the catalyst and his cure. Arthur, however, shows him the drawing of Claire and says what it depicts is going to come to pass that day. Pointless arguing ("It can't happen!" "It's going to!) leads to Mohinder speculating that THE ECLIPSE might SOMEHOW be responsible, and adds that if Claire dies, there's no hope of him being cured. I'm sure the dead Morlock would be really upset to hear that. Arthur then shows him a drawing of Mohinder encased in webbing, and Mohinder whines that he's going to die. I love having things to look forward to, so if you'd give me a date and time we'd be all set here. Arthur says that everything changes today, and then the two of them have to turn and "dramatically" look out the window at the sun and moon, like, wouldn't it be great if the eclipse stopped people from overacting? Title card.

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