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There's…Another Part?

...while nearby, Peter and The Haitian crouch low. Peter starts to head after his brother, but The Haitian holds him back, and Peter's tasked with the seven hundredth iteration of a character "dramatically" looking up at the sky before we go to the last commercial break.

Oh, Lord, Bennet has his glasses off as he asks Claire, who's lying groggily in her bed, if she's feeling okay. Claire smiles: "Pretty good, all things considered." He assures her they'll figure out what's happening to her, but for now, she just needs to rest, and tells her he'll be right downstairs. However, after he kisses her forehead, he puts his glasses back on, and from the evil swish on the soundtrack, we're meant to know that he's NOT going to be downstairs, as he assured Claire, but he is LEAVING again on COMPANY BUSINESS. It seems like a minor thing, but there was no reason for him to have had the glasses off in the first place, and between that and the stupid audio cue, this scene has the subtlety of an elephant on PCP. Unless maybe it's actually the glasses that make him evil! Like if he gets laser surgery, he'll be happy to sell paper and go watch his daughter cheer on the weekends! Look into it, Bennet! It's super-affordable and can make you stop being evil!

In the hall, Sandra sees that his EVIL glasses are on, so she divines that he's leaving. He tells her, "There's something I need to finish." Something with eyebrows like the jungle, I have a feeling.

Oh, dear. From the cornfield, Matt sees Daphne's dad drive off, although he's not even out the driveway when Matt comes lumbering onto the porch, like, nice stealth skills you learned in the police academy, Matt. Daphne tells him with a complete lack of affect to go away, but he opines through the door that she's smart, beautiful, and funny, and even if the spirit walk was bullshit, he loves her. She then tells him the door's open, like how would she know, and he enters... and she stumbles out wearing these huge leg braces and crutches hooked onto her arms. This was the big secret? I mean, I don't mean to belittle her condition, but it seemed like Arthur had something bad on her that she'd actually done, you know? This is just not that interesting, to be frank -- it would have been more intriguing if she were making the choice to atone for something she'd done, not to mention less maudlin, because they're presenting her as such a victim in this reveal, as illustrated by the way Matt looks at her for a thousand years without saying anything. Must feel like a million to a speedster like her.

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