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Bennet rushes into his house calling for Sandra like it's a triage and she's Florence Nightingale, and plops the groaning Claire onto the couch as he tells his wife that her ability isn't working. Sandra wants to get Claire to a hospital like, ten minutes ago, but Bennet kiboshes that, saying that her gunshot wound will be reported to the police, and questions will be asked. He adds that if her power comes back, it'll be difficult to explain the sudden "Ta-daa!" of her wound healing, and besides, it's a surface deal and they can handle it. Sandra resignedly says she'll get the first-aid kit, and it's too bad Meredith's not still around -- she could cauterize the hell out of that shit. When Sandra's gone, Claire allows that maybe Bennet was right -- her invulnerability made her stupid and careless. She smiles and winces at the same time: "It hurts. I never thought I'd be able to hurt again. It sucks, but it's wonderful." Bennet smiles tenderly as he strokes her hair and thanks her for saving his life. Claire smiles: "Any time." Aw! Claire's bugged this season, but I liked that scene.

We're back in the cornfield, and after some useless babbling, it's actually Hiro who basically takes Matt by the shoulders and shakes him, telling him he has to save Daphne without his powers, which is part of the "Hero's Quest." When Matt whines that he can't, Hiro starts throwing ear after ear of corn at him until he finally grabs one out of the air without looking. Hiro crows that Matt did it, but when Matt steps toward him, he bows his head and asks, "Please don't hurt me." Heh. Matt, however, has gotten the point of Hiro's maize-heavy lesson, and strides off to "save Daphne." Maybe he'll throw vegetables at her until she can walk (SPOILER!). Once Matt's gone, Hiro tells Ando that they're going to get their abilities back, which is great, since he already has his and Ando never had any. Considering where they're heading, though, I'll allow it.

Soon after, Hiro and Ando are walking down the road, and Hiro explains that he learned that stuff about the corn and the quest at "Saturday Samurai Matinee Showdown." Glad that served you well. Ando laments that they've come to the end of the comic book, but lest you think the device was only a one-time cheap cop-out, Hiro says they can get the next issue at a "place where the wise men gather." He mentions as examples the Oracle at Delphi and the Library at Alexandria, but don't get your hopes up for it to be anything that another comic-book shop.

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