Seven Minutes To Midnight

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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

In Midland, as Laura Bush drives her Explorer into a bank window, pinning helpless customers against a back wall by their broken spines (I think that scene was cut for time), Sylar threateningly sips coffee and watches as Charlie checks on Hiro and Ando, now tucking into their meals. After Charlie moves away, Hiro excuses himself to the restroom.

In a store room, Charlie takes an industrial-sized can of food (I think it's fruit salad) off a shelf and opens it with some kind of giant can opener. While she does so, with difficulty, there is what the captions identify as "muffled clinking" around her; she looks around a bit, but doesn't seem overly concerned about it (since there is certainly lots of clinking involved in running a diner at the best of times). But presently we see a bead of blood running down her temple, and then another down her nose, and then she falls over, and we feel kind of bummed, because Charlie seemed quite lovely.

Out on the restaurant floor, Ando is "enjoying" his cottage cheese plate when he is suddenly interrupted by a loud crash. Another waitress goes to investigate, and Ando kind of shrugs and takes another bite, and then the waitress screams, and we see her backing out of the store room in terror. Officers Grey and Black leap up to see what's happened; Grey steps into the room, but we don't get a full view of what he sees -- just see a pool of blood and Charlie's arm. As the waitress sobs, Ando gets up to see what the commotion is. Officer Grey comes back out and unsteadily tells Officer Black, "Charlie. She's dead." Black puts on a determined look and heads for the store room himself. At just this unfortunate moment, Hiro emerges from the men's room, beaming and rubbing his palms together in anticipation of spending more time with Charlie. Ando reaches out to touch his arm reassuringly. Poor Hiro!

India. Mohinder tells his mother about his dream, and confronts her about the "her" that Mohinder could never live up to, and she admits that Mohinder had an older sister, Shanti, who died when she was five and he was two. Chandra and Mrs. Suresh never told Mohinder about Shanti because it was too painful: "Especially for your father. He loved her so much he was afraid you would compare his love." Translation: "If you ever heard your dad talk about how awesome Shanti was, you would realize that he kind of thinks you suck." I mean, what? Okay, Mohinder does kind of suck, but your parents aren't supposed to think that! Anyway, surprise surprise, Chandra "was convinced that [Shanti] was special. And she was special." Too special to have something so pedestrian as a cause of death, apparently.

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