Seven Minutes To Midnight

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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

Of course, at just this moment of breakthrough, in stomps Bitchy McFussyPants with a couple of hired goons: the hour is up, and it's time to send Ted to Gitmo. Audrey asks for a couple more minutes, but Bitchy crabs that Matt shouldn't even be there, since his badge has been suspended. Turning her bitchery at Audrey, she demands, "Did he tell you where the nuclear material is?" Audrey doesn't answer, and the goons muscle Ted out of the room, but not before he can huskily tell Matt, "Find the Haitian." Bitchy slams the door, bitchily, and Matt implores Audrey to get Ted back in there. Audrey says she can't, but Matt pleads that Ted could help Matt to understand what happened to him. Audrey is pissed that Matt lied to her about being suspended. Matt brushes that off, reminding her that she's come asking for his help and he's always given it, so now it's her turn to help him. Audrey, frustrated, says that getting Ted back to the interrogation room is out of her hands. Matt stomps out, slamming the door pretty bitchily his own self.

A black SUV pulls into the parking lot of what is chyroned "Primatech Paper Co." in Odessa. Yay! Bennet gets out, brightly striding into the building, and then purposefully exiting a service elevator full of paper in various forms. A security guard posted by the elevator tries to snag Bennet to give him a new parking pass, but Bennet politely blows him off. He nearly runs into a female co-worker in a narrow, wood-panelled hallway, and then leaves his briefcase on a message center of some sort before swiping a key card to enter a warehouse. Where's Roy? Across the bare and dimly lit warehouse floor lies another door...

...which Bennet opens to enter Isaac's ersatz rehab facility. Eden waits for him expectantly in the common room full of Isaac's art, as Isaac himself sits up in bed, sketching. Eden gets up to debrief Bennet through a window. The heroin is out of Isaac's system, she says; his body doesn't need it anymore, but he's still mentally addicted. Bennet asks whether Isaac's coherent, and Eden confirms that he is: "You ready to meet him?" Before answering, Bennet looks up at the painting of the cheerleader on the steps, a dark shadow looming over her. "Yep," he answers Eden.

Eden opens the door to Isaac's room, where the patient sits with his knees up and his ankles crossed, looking much younger and very vulnerable. Eden introduces "Mr. Bennet, the man [she told him] about." Isaac doesn't answer. Bennet gives Isaac a hearty hello; when it goes unanswered, he gestures toward Isaac's sketchbook and asks, "Drawing anything interesting?" Isaac flips through the pages, sighing in frustration: "It's nothing." "Oh, you know that's not true," says Bennet, with his trademark kindness/threat. "You have the ability to paint the future. That's something. Something very important." "Feels like a curse," says Isaac trepidatiously. "No, it's a blessing," says Bennet paternally. "Don't let anybody tell you differently [sic]." Isaac looks from Bennet to Eden, who's standing back near the door. "We're gonna help you understand that," adds Bennet. Isaac says he's grateful that Eden and Bennet are helping him: "I'm just not sure why." Bennet, gazing steadily into Isaac's eyes, confesses, "To be 100% honest with you, I need your help." I want to believe that this episode will find Bennet being "100% honest," but for some reason I am not so sure.

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