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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

Then DreaMohinder is outside of a house that is clearly in California (you can't hide your lying Spanish tiles) as Chandra complains to his wife that Mohinder told him he was abandoning his job and family. Mrs. Suresh is like, "Well, uh...you are? But you have to go because otherwise you'll never get it out of your system, which is a nice way of saying that I am super-sick of hearing about it." Chandra says that Mohinder will hate him, and Mrs. Suresh is like, "It's kind of too late for you to start making decisions on that basis, bro." Chandra looks a little shocked to have his wife confirm that his son really does hate him, and sits down on a bench, saying that he should try to stay at the university, for Mohinder's sake. Mrs. Suresh joins him, saying -- and this time I'm not paraphrasing, I swear -- "Why? He will never take her place in your eyes. That has always been the case." DreaMohinder stares in shock. I think that was the big reveal for the scene. Suddenly, a soccer ball comes bouncing down a hall and into the garden, where DreaMohinder stops it with his foot. DreaMohinder picks up the ball and goes inside, where he sees an Indian kid in retro-looking play clothes. DreaMohinder asks, "Who are you? What do you want?" The kid points at the ball, which DreaMohinder tosses to him. Satisfied, the kid takes off...

...whereupon Mohinder awakens back in Chandra's office. He still hasn't closed that dialogue box, of course. He gets up.

Back at the FBI, Ted is weaving a yarn. He was in Kansas a few months ago, having sold a bunch of dialysis machines to the university hospital: "The commission was enough for Karen and me to..." It seems from his wistful expression that he's about to say they were going to have a child, but instead of finishing that thought, he continues the story by saying he went to the hotel bar and tied one on: "There weren't many people there -- a couple from Wyoming, some professors, a student from Haiti." At Ted's mention of the student, Matt sits up a little straighter. Then Ted woke up in his car, two days later, in Tempe, Arizona, with minor but unexplained cuts and bruises. Matt is now quite involved, given all the parallels to his own experience. Ted started to notice some weird shit happening after that -- like, he'd buy his wife flowers and they'd wilt. Well, that's what cut flowers do, Ted, geez. Impatient at all the colour Ted is giving to his description of events, Matt breaks in testily to ask about Ted's health: "Were you sick? Do you have headaches?" He does, but his attention to his own health kind of took a back seat to his wife's RADIATION POISONING, Sensitivo. "I was killing her," Ted chokes out, anguished. "Are there any other bodies out there we don't know about?" brays Audrey. Matt glares at her, and Audrey sort of shrinks back into her chair: "I'm just saying." Hee. Matt tells Audrey, "This isn't his fault. He's just trying to figure this out." Audrey's like, "Excuse me, Deepak Chopra." Turning back to Ted, Matt says that the same thing happened to him: "I blacked out. I lost two days." Audrey whines that Matt should have told her about that, and Matt snaps, "I should have done a lot of things." He adds that, until this point, he hasn't told anyone, including his wife. To Ted, he explains that now he's hearing people's thoughts -- painful things that he should not be hearing. Ted asks what sorts of things. Gossipy much, Ted? "Things that could ruin lives," Matt replies grimly. "Things that could ruin marriages." Audrey looks like she's put together the puzzle pieces to form a picture of Janice The Dirty Cheating Cheater Who Cheats, but that's not so hard to do when said puzzle is one of those wooden jobs made for babies and only has, like, two pieces. Matt describes the Haitian "student," and Ted confirms that it was the same guy (...well, kind of -- "big," "bald," and "black" could describe both the Haitian guy we've seen, and Michael Jordan). Audrey's like, "Could you guys have group therapy some other time?" Ted theorizes that, given that the things he and Matt can do now aren't normal, perhaps they were "cut" or "injected": "Who knows what they did to us?" "Or how they changed us," adds Matt.

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