Seven Minutes To Midnight

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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

Anyway, Matt reminds Ted about his crazy powers and how he read the late Mrs. Ted's thoughts, pleading that something is weird about both Ted and Matt and that the FBI is just trying to figure out what their deal is. Ted sobs, looking desperately down at his Tea Of Mass-Destruction-Related Program Activities, as Matt urges Ted to take him back to when this all started. Ted's inner monologue says that he blacked out, and that when he woke up, "everything started dying." For Audrey's benefit, Matt repeats, "You blacked out." Ted nods. Matt asks, "How long were you out for? Were you drinking?" Ted doesn't answer, so Matt asks, "When you came to, did you have bruises on your arms?" With a shock of recognition, Ted stares at Matt a second, and then his inner monologue says, "I'll do you one better." He tilts his head to the right and pulls the collars of his jumpsuit and t-shirt away from the right side of his neck, where two little black hash marks are visible. Matt hyperventilates a little, looking at Audrey, and she's like, "What?" Matt mirrors Ted -- tilting his neck to the left, exposing his right shoulder -- so we can see he has the same black hash marks on the opposite side. Ted and Matt stare at each other like, "Dude! WHAT DOES YOURS SAY!"

In Chandra's old office, Mohinder continues moving in -- taking down Chandra's map, rifling through his files, flipping through a wee notebook to the back cover, which has a key tucked into its flap. Even though Mohinder is generally on this quest to figure out what his father was on about, and specifically had just been applying force to try to open a locked desk drawer, his reaction to finding this key is to...tuck it back into the flap and go take a nap. Literally -- he sits in the desk chair, and after a cursory glance at the monitor, his eyes quickly flutter closed, taking us on a trip down memory lane.

First, let me just say, you know how excruciating it is when someone's like, "I have to tell you about this dream I had!" and even though all you want is to say, "Unless the dream was about me, I'm not interested," you have to suffer through it and pretend to be interested? Recapping a dream is like that times a thousand, and here's this episode, packed to the gills with dreams. Okay, it could be worse, from a recapping perspective, but the problem with a dream sequence on TV is that you don't know what's going to end up being important later so you don't want to gloss over anything. On the other hand, the ones here seem mostly to be DreaMohinder projecting himself into actual events, as opposed to conjuring metaphorical situations where Chandra's Chandra but he has lobster claws for hands, and Mohinder's himself but he's played by Charles Durning. So anyway, as DreaMohinder watches, Chandra and Mohinder argue, apparently about Chandra's plan to go to the U.S. Chandra's like, "You're not the boss of me," and Mohinder's like, "Daddy issues," and Chandra's like, "Get out of my grill," and Mohinder's like, "You look like a crackpot and everyone at the university is going to think I'm Crackpot Jr.," and Chandra's like, "My work is important enough that I can't bother caring whether you eat alone in the cafeteria," and Mohinder's like, "You are seriously crazy like that dude who wrote The Bell Curve and I can't keep telling people you're just 'exhausted and dehydrated,'" and Chandra's like, "No one asked you to, and I've gotta be me," and Mohinder's like, "You'll starve in America, where doctors drive cabs and hamburgers eat people, and also, don't leave me, Daddy!" and Chandra's like, "Thanks for not believing in me, dick," and Mohinder's like, "Does this remind you of that movie Quiz Show, but in reverse and with Indian people?" and then stomps off. Chandra looks sad.

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