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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

Then there's a little static from the moment where instead of hitting the power button on my TV/VCR, I hit "record," and recorded over a tiny bit of the show, and then Mohinder, still at the funeral site, is sitting on some steps with fellow mourner Nirand, last seen in "Genesis." Mohinder is saying that India is where he belongs. Nirand is glad to hear him say that. Blah blah do you think I was a fool to go to America, blah you did what you had to, everyone in America's so lonely, I don't know what I accomplished there, blah blee bloo. When Mohinder finally stops talking for two seconds, he glances up to see a lovely woman sneaking a peek at him while chatting with some other mourners down by the water. Following Mohinder's gaze, Nirand suggests that there may be more waiting here for Mohinder than his professorship. And it may be waiting in that lady's sari. That's one hot tandoori chick! Anyway, the new semester starts at the university shortly, and Nirand hasn't cancelled any of his classes; Mohinder can even move into Chandra's old office. He'll just have to burn a lot of incense in there first to get rid of the old-man stink.

Sometime later, Mohinder's changed into a collarless orange linen tunic that makes him look like he should be teaching a Saturday-afternoon pottery class at your local community center (all it needs to complete the look is some dream-catcher earrings and a pair of Taon slides), carrying an obviously empty box that is supposed to contain his office crap into the university. Not pictured (yet): a thermal coffee mug proclaiming that Biology Professors Do It At The Climax Of Their Growth Phase.

Mohinder enters Chandra's old office, which no one has bothered to clean out, despite all his dangerous theories about shit. And if you think the size of his New York apartment was absurd, his office...well, okay, it's smaller than his apartment, but it's still absurdly large for a university professor, unless Indian university professors are the equivalent of North American robber barons of the early nineteenth century. Anyway, Mohinder futzes around, looking at a U.S. map and a copy of Chandra's book, and then tries to open a drawer in the desk and finds it locked. He puts a hand down on the desktop for leverage as he tries to force the drawer, landing the heel of his hand on the mouse and waking up the monitor to display what appears to be some kind of Matrix-y gene sequencing...uh, thing. Mohinder hits a button on the keyboard, and a dialogue box pops up asking if he's sure he wants to quit. Yes, show, I get it.

Before Mohinder can decide If He Wants To Quit, the pretty lady we saw before appears in the doorway. "Mira," Mohinder ejaculates, helpfully. Looking tentative as she enters, she says she wasn't sure he would speak to her at the funeral. He says he was surprised to see her there -- "or anywhere, for that matter." "I said some terrible things to you," Mira exposits, "about your father, about his theories. But now that he's dead--" "What's done is done," shrugs Mohinder. "Is it?" she asks rhetorically. She says she heard from Mohinder's mom that he's not going back to New York, which he chalks up to the start of the new semester. So we know for sure that they were on good terms but fell out, Mira tells Mohinder that she got promoted at "the company": "Head of all genetic research -- can you believe it?" Mohinder looks genuinely pleased for her: "Good for you." "No, good for you," Mira corrects him. "It's the sort of cutting-edge research we used to talk about late into the night." "The world's worst pillow talk, I'd say," replies Mohinder, winning the Voice Of The Recapper award for this week. Mira says she was hoping to get Mohinder to come in for an interview with "the partners." "The company," "the partners" -- no, this doesn't sound too vague and creepy. But, Mira adds, if he did come in, he would have to make sure he didn't talk about his dad's crazy-assed theories. Mohinder looks affronted (despite the fact that he found said theories crazy-assed himself), and Mira quickly adds that she doesn't expect an answer right now, but that she hopes he'll think about it. She makes to leave, but then turns back to observe, "We didn't say hello." Mohinder smiles: "Hello, Mira." "Hello, Mohinder," she replies. The way she pronounces his name sounds super-hot and makes Eden, by comparison, look like even more of an insubstantial collection of tics, dimples, and vintage blouses. "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO QUIT?" demands Chandra's monitor of Mohinder. Well, are you? PUNK?!

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