Seven Minutes To Midnight

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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

At this moment, Matt's cell phone rings. Since he's in the room with Janice, the caller is the only other person who ever calls him: Audrey. She's standing in front of a car on fire, delivering to Matt the totally unsurprising news that Ted has escaped -- on the way to Gitmo, Ted firestarted and then slipped away in the ensuing melee. See? Orange jumpsuit. Try white next time, doofuses. Matt hangs up. Both the women in his life look confused.

Mohinder FINALLY uses the fucking key to open the locked drawer. It's empty, but he pulls the drawer out entirely and reaches into the space in the desk, finding a file full of clippings about sleep research. Clipped to the inside cover is a photo of the soccer kid. You guys, seriously, if it turns out that the soccer kid is just young Mohinder, I'm going to be very irritated that we are to believe he can't recognize WHAT HE HIMSELF LOOKED LIKE AS A CHILD. I mean, honestly!

So, voice-over time. Isaac, white-eyed, paints at Empty Promises, Eden looking on. Mohinder tells us you can hide, and take little precautions, but you can't really get away.

On the floor of a den at home, Claire uses a marker to colour in the last letter of the giant "Homecoming" banner, like that shit wouldn't have dried out after the "C." What the hell kind of spirit squad member doesn't use poster paint? Anyway, with Bennet watching her... well, watchfully, Mohinder says we don't have the truth or cunning to hide from destiny. Speak for yourself, Nap Man.

In Midland, as Laura Bush leads law-enforcement personnel on a high-speed chase, Ando paces in the diner, still waiting for Hiro. This is when we push in on the bulletin board, where the snapshot of Charlie alone at her birthday party -- six months ago, remember --has been replaced with a shot of Charlie with Hiro! Overshooting his mark just slightly, there; what, did he take the TARDIS?

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