Seven Minutes To Midnight

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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

In Midland -- where, in the wake of Charlie's death, police have put out an APB on Laura Bush -- we start on a snapshot of Charlie, apparently celebrating her birthday at the diner, pinned to a bulletin board on the wall. Then we see her covered body being wheeled out on a gurney, past Ando and Hiro. Officer Grey pulls up a chair to their table, sounding quite agitated as he asks them whether Charlie said anything that sounded like she was scared. Ando shakes his head: "She seemed very nice." Officer Grey agrees that she was: "Too nice to die like that -- head ripped open!" Hiro seems to start a tiny bit at this bit of information about her murder. Ando tells Grey, "We're very sorry." Getting up to return to the store room, Grey tells Ando and Hiro to wait, and that someone will come to take their statements. Once he's gone, Hiro tells Ando that Charlie was killed the same way Hiro saw Isaac killed in the future: "That can't be a coincidence." "Then we should be extra-careful," says Ando. "There must be something I can do," says Hiro. "She's already dead," says Ando gently, reaching out a hand across the table. "I can bend time," Hiro reminds us. "I can go back." "No," says Ando quickly. "Why else did I get these powers if I'm not supposed to help?" asks Hiro calmly; he's evidently already made up his mind and seems confident and assured about it, much like the English-speaking, sword-wielding FutureHiro. Ando exasperatedly points out that they're "already on one stupid mission" and don't need another. Hiro brings up his failure to intervene in the deaths of "those poker men." Ando continues trying to dissuade Hiro, but his mind's made up: "I'll just go back to yesterday. I'll stop her from coming to work. If she's not here, she can't be killed." "But you can be," Ando points out. "You don't have control over your powers yet. The last time you teleported, you ended up in the future, in another country!" Still with steely resolve, Hiro replies, "If I'm too scared to use my powers, then I don't deserve to have them." Ando looks perplexed, and Hiro concludes, "I have to try." "What about the cheerleader?" asks Ando. "I won't be late," promises Hiro. "Just count to five, and I'll be back. We'll celebrate my victory." Ando doesn't get a chance to say anything more than "please" before Hiro makes the kidney-stone-passing face and disappears. Ando sadly closes his eyes and counts: "Three...four...five." Mississippilessly? When he opens his eyes again, Hiro hasn't returned. Ando's like, "Worst vacation ever."

Oy. Okay, Janice is sitting on the marital bed on which she took a metaphorical shit by cheating with Tommy, sadly leafing through a photo album of her and Matt's happiest moments -- which apparently span about three occasions, if the low number of outfits in evidence is any indication. Matt comes in, acting cold, and Janice reveals that she heard about the punch. "He knows," she thinks. "Dammit, I knew it." Um, duh. Janice breathlessly asks whether his punching "a superior officer" won't have consequences for Matt, and he tells her about his suspension. She has the gall to act bitter that he'll be off with no pay for the next month, and he somehow refrains from punching her, too. Having figured out that Matt knows about the cheating, she decides to try confessing. Matt asks whether it's over between Janice and Tommy, and she says it is: "Are we?" Matt says no, but just so we know he's not a total chump, he manages to sound reticent about it.

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