Seven Minutes To Midnight

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The Ballad Of Charlie And Hiro

...that leads to a dark alley in New York; you can tell by the police sirens. Chandra is sitting in the driver's seat when a pair of hands -- apparently belonging to Sylar -- smash through the partition, grab Chandra by the head, and...you know, kill him up. DreaMohinder runs toward the car, trying to intervene, but it's a dream, so he can't. He starts crying, "Stop! Stop!" as if at his father's assailant, but then he just stands up straight and squeezes his eyes shut, repeating, "Stop! Stop! Stop!" as if to his conscious self. When he opens his eyes, he's still in New York, but the taxi is gone, replaced with the soccer kid, who holds out his fist to DreaMohinder. DreaMohinder walks toward the kid -- getting ready to give him dap, I guess -- but the kid turns his fist palm side up and opens his fingers to reveal the key. Shocker! DreaMohinder takes it...

...and then Mohinder wakes up in the office at the university. He finds the wee book, flips it to the back cover, and pulls out the key, staring at it like it's the Ark of the damn Covenant. Dude? It's a key. It's not even a special, cool-looking, old-timey key. It actually looks like the key to my back door. My mystical back door of mystery and genetics, that is!

At Primatech, Bennet emerges into the hallway we first saw, outside the elevator, where he's greeted by Claire. He exposits that she never visits him at work, and she tells him about a banner she needs for the school trophy case, requiring a super-long piece of paper: "And Jackie was all, 'We don't have paper that big! They don't make paper that big!' So I thought I'd stop by and try to be a hero!" They cutely goof around in a realistic daddy-daughter way -- Bennet hesitates like it's a huge favour she's asking, Claire holds her breath waiting for his answer -- and then he relents: "Well, if it'll make you a hero and maybe knock Jackie down a few notches, we might be able to find something that'll work." They fondly throw their arms around each other but have only proceeded a few steps down the hall when Eden comes out a side door and reacts with not-at-all-concealed terror and shock at the sight of Claire, like, smooth move, secret operative, not. Eden apologizes for interrupting them, telling Bennet they "have a little situation." You'd think Claire would be like, "What, some of the paper turned back into trees?," but Bennet casually directs her down the hall to the sample room, and Claire takes off without Bennet's having to make any introductions. Once she's gone, Bennet's like, "Well, you're uninvited to the black-ops Christmas party," and Eden immediately apologizes again, saying she didn't know Claire would be there, and explaining the situation: "It's not working. He can't do it."

Bennet and Eden head back to the faux-rehab wing -- let's call it Empty Promises -- with Eden pleading for Bennet to give Isaac more time, but Bennet heads straight for a drawer in a nearby cabinet and fills a syringe: "We tried his way, now we do it mine." Eden yips about how hard Isaac has worked to get clean: "You can't ask him to do this." "I'm not going to ask him," Bennet replies. "You are." Eden's like, "Oh hell no," like it's never occurred to her that working for a shady government agency might someday require her to compromise her personal integrity. Bennet reminds her that she always knew this would be a possibility, but she spits, "You said when we started that I would never have to do it again. You promised me." Bennet's like, "Yeah, right, and I never lie." What he actually says is, "Who do you think taught you? Do you even remember what you were when I found you?" Eden looks chastened. The syringe filled, Bennet sums up the situation: "You're the easy way. I think we both know the hard way." Eden takes the gear and stomps off to Isaac's room, closing the door behind her. After a moment, Bennet follows and watches through the glass window: at first, all we see is Isaac, cowering away from Eden on the bed and apparently yelling in protest, though we can't hear anything. Eden walks slowly toward him and sits on the bed, Isaac still remonstrating angrily. Eden leans forward. The camera zooms in so that we can see she's whispering right in Isaac's ear, but we can't hear what she says. Once she's finished pushing (I assume), she leans back to get her equipment ready, and looks back over her shoulder to shoot Bennet one last hateful glare. Bennet doesn't seem to give a shit, obviously.

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