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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Petrelli Palace. The doorbell rings. The numerous maids must have the day off, because Ma Petrelli actually answers the door herself. It's Mohinder. And he has some bad news about Peter. Namely, he has a big slab of glass in his skull. Could he maybe bring him inside? Seconds later, Peter's laid out on a bench and Mohinder's explaining that Peter was murdered while trying to save Mo's life. Mohinder keeps talking until finally, blessedly, Ma Petrelli tells him to get the fuck out. "I'm sorry?" says Mohinder, confused, because everyone else just LOVES it when he prattles on about how their children died saving his life! "Please leave," says Ma Petrelli, never taking her eyes off her son. Mohinder, looking like a kicked puppy, finally leaves, just as Claire comes down the stairs. She sees Peter's dead body and whispers his name. Suddenly, Ma Petrelli chokes on a sob and then all hell breaks loose as she just throws herself down on Peter's body and cries and cries and cries.

Dammit! Tissues! STAT!

Linderman's Hall of Heroes. Jessica arrives and is surprised to learn that she's about to meet the man himself. Linderman shows up and says, "Fearsome Jessica... finally. Sweet Niki, yes. But you? Never had the pleasure." "You were due," says Jessica cockily. Linderman hilariously says that they've both come a long way since she borrowed that $30K from him and conveniently forgot to pay it back. "Oh, by the way, I've had to have that room repainted since your last assignment." Heh. I'll bet. Jessica flings her coat over a chair and asks what the hell is going on. He says he needs a favor. Jessica rightly assumes that since he's asking for the favor himself, it must be "off the charts." He just says it's a matter of perspective, and then asks if he can borrow her son for a bit. Hee. Jessica's like, "Um, what was that? Did I hear you correctly? My son?" Linderman's like, "Oh, get that dirty look off your face! I only want to borrow his TALENT. Get your mind out of the gutter!"

Jessica just looks at him as he explains that he needs Micah to help him put his plan back in place. The plan that, until recently, had been going very well. I can only assume he means Nathan going for the presidency and Peter not being dead so that he could blow up later on. Yeah, that plan's going to shit right about now. Jessica rather surprisingly says that Micah wasn't part of their deal and that she doesn't want him involved in any of this. Linderman keeps trying to sweet-talk Jessica into letting him have Micah, but she's not having any of it. "You need something from me, point and I'll shoot. Micah's off limits." She trucker-walks back to her coat and Linderman says, "The request was a courtesy, my dear." She stops. "Send anyone you want. You're not touching my son." She leaves without grabbing her coat, and Linderman says that they'd better take out an insurance policy on Jessica. The door slams shut, and Linderman looks at it with a bit of pride and wonderment on his face. He's clearly impressed by her. Even still, he's totally gonna take Micah for a ride.

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