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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Vegas. D.L. and Jessica are continuing the discussion they never had about control and where Niki is and working for Linderman. Seriously, y'all -- did I miss something here? When did this conversation start? D.L. is chastising Jessica for working for Linderman as he packs up the station wagon with his stuff. She claims that everything she's done, she's done for Micah. "You keep telling yourself that," he snaps. "Hey!" she shouts. "Without me, Niki would still be in prison, Micah wouldn't have a mother, and you'd be all alone. I don't remember you complaining." She tries to throw a sexy twist on that last part, but D.L.'s like, bitch, please. You're a psycho and I'm taking my shit and OUR SON and I'm leaving. She tries to threaten him with her incipient violence, but he just plainly says that their lives aren't their own while they're under Linderman's thumb.

"Look at what you brought into this house--" he starts. "What? Money? Rent? Poor me," she says, getting closer to him, her voice low and threatening. "Nobody wants to hire a black ex-con." Dayum. "Everywhere you go, people die," he says. "Cash, cars, hurting people for the fun of it -- hell, you didn't even turn into Jessica. You turned into your old man!" Oooooh, burn. "Don't you dare--" she tries to sound tough, but even Jessica seems to be thinking that D.L. has a point. "I'll die before I let you do to Micah what he did to you," says D.L. Oh, awesome. A limo pulls up and a henchman gets out, informing her that Linderman requests the pleasure of her company. D.L. tells her that if this is the life she wants, she needs to get Micah out of it; she can say goodbye to him tonight. I must say that Jessica looks less than bad-ass right here and she seems to be considering what D.L. is saying.

Back with Matt and Bennet, Matt's still being lead around the facility by Bennet's thoughts. He steals a jacket so he's less conspicuous. Thompson's voice can be heard in the distance, so Matt ducks into a hallway. We hear Thompson telling one of his henchmen that orders came down to move Bennet, Matt, and RadioacTed. He also tells the guy to gas RadioacTed's room so he doesn't go nuclear on everyone. Thompson passes by Matt as Matt continues down the hallway. And then he hears something from Bennet that makes him go, "You want to do WHAT?"

The next thing we see is Matt using the key card on a locked door and stepping inside. There's Ted "I'm the bomb, baby!" Sprague, rocking back and forth and pondering the power in his hands. Ted's all, dude! Whassup? Long time no see! What're you doing here? Matt's like, the time for chatting is NOT NOW. We gots to GO. Bennet has a plan! Ted's all, BENNET? I HATE THAT GUY! Matt's all, GET OVER IT. Ted's all, he could be leading you somewhere bad! Matt's all, oh, like THIS IS A BED OF FUCKING ROSES? Their lovers' quarrel is interrupted at that moment by Thompson hitting the alarm after discovering Matt's empty cell. Matt looks up at the ceiling as if a big red bell will be clanging there or something. He really is the dumbest rock in the river, isn't he?

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