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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Ma Petrelli goes on to say that the fire happened and Nathan assumed Claire was dead, so they just kind of abandoned the arrangements they made for her and let bygones be bygones. Claire's like, "Uh, YOU LET MY FATHER THINK I WAS DEAD?" Ma Petrelli says that she needed protecting. "Trust me," grits Claire with narrowed eyes. "I don't need protecting." "Because you can grow back your bones and spit up bullets?" snits Grandma. "You have no idea, Claire. The life your abilities would bring you... you deserve better." She says that Claire has to get away, just like they planned. "I haven't seen Peter, or met my father yet," says Claire. "Neither of them is in any position to be anything to you right now," says Ma Petrelli. She is one cold bitch, that's for sure.

Claire doesn't want to go to Paris, even though Ma Petrelli says she'll be taking her there herself. She wants her to have a chance to grow up and develop into someone who can make her own choices. "And then if you choose to come back and join this madness like I once did," says Ma Petrelli, "at least I will have given you the option." Claire looks at her. "So, you're like me?" Ma Petrelli says nothing, but she stands up and smoothes her skirt, and for a second, you think she's just going to like spit nails or morph into a chair or something, but no, she doesn't. She just says that she's regretted a lot of the choices she's made in her life and Claire's getting the benefit of her experiences. "Whether I want it or not?" says Claire with this hilariously petulant look on her face. Ma Petrelli kind of smiles. "You get that mouth from me." Heh! And how!

Biggest Apartment in Brooklyn. Sylar coughs and comes to and realizes that not only has Mohinder left and taken Peter with him, but he's also managed to take The List too. Sylar's not terribly happy at the moment, as you can imagine, but he comes across one of Isaac's comic books and makes the decision to pay Isaac a little visit. Which I guess means that Isaac's as good as dead, huh?

Superstudio of Superheroes. Isaac "Seriously, Simone, I love you the most! Wait -- is that heroin?" Mendez is talking to his best bike messenger about some pages his editor needs right away. The messenger dude-speaks at Isaac about how he's been waiting to see what's happening with Hiro. Isaac says that this is the latest edition of the comic... and the last. As he puts a sheet into an envelope, we see that there's a hand with a syringe in it and it's pointing at the back of someone's neck. That's totally going to be important in the future, don't you think? The messenger asks what happens to Hiro in this comic, and Isaac says, "Promise you won't post any spoilers?" HA! Shout-out? I think so. Isaac shows the messenger the cover panel, and we see a box with "Hiro in the Future" printed in it. "How do you come up with this stuff?!" says the messenger. "It's a gift," says Isaac. "Speaking of which... " He turns and looks at his sketchbook. It's open at the picture he drew of Peter and Simone kissing beneath the red umbrella. He removes the sketch and hands the book to the messenger. "Hold on to it," he says. "It might be worth something someday." The messenger thanks him profusely and hauls ass out of there before Isaac can change his mind. Isaac looks up and sees the painting he did of himself, dead on the floor with his skull cut open. Gah.

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