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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Linderman goes on to say that it's Nathan's destiny to be the leader who uses this event to rally a city, a nation, a world. "Look into your heart," he says. "You know I'm right." Nathan just argues with logic, saying he's down in the polls and isn't going to get elected to Congress, so there's no way he'll be getting into the White House any time soon. Linderman just pulls out a painting that contains a stern-looking Nathan, standing in the Oval Office, looking decidedly presidential. Hell, I'd vote THAT into office any damn time. "If you know all this," says Nathan, "then you also know that the exploding man is my brother Peter." "As I said," says Linderman, "we all have our roles to play. Peter's curtain call will come the day after you're elected." "You're insane," says Nathan. "You know that?" He turns decisively and walks away. Nobody's going to take his brother away from him! Nobody! At least not until AFTER they almost make out some more!

So, Bennet's still trying to get Matt to start using his brain and get the hell out of his cell. He tells him that all the communication banging he's been doing will have alerted the guard, so he's going to have to get something to hit the guy with when he comes in to investigate. Bennet tells Matt to go to one of the pipes on the wall and break it off, since it's pretty rusty. Bennet says he has three minutes to break the pipe loose, so he'd better get a move on. Matt starts banging on it, and it's kind of not coming loose, and the guard's coming and Bennet's chiding him for not moving faster and Matt's all, "Hey, ENOUGH with the backseat pipe loosening, okay?" Finally, Matt starts using brute force on the pipe as voices can be heard outside. Bennet tells him to signal when he's knocked the guard out. "I'm working on it, I'M WORKING ON IT!" snaps Matt to... no one. Heh. The pipe, of course, comes loose, and Matt takes it over to the door, which is just now opening. We switch to Bennet, waiting in his cell. There's a loud BANG from Matt's room, so we know that he's been successful in his guard attack. Bennet smiles brightly and tells Matt to grab the guard's pass and head into the hall.

Biggest Apartment in Brooklyn. Peter "Emo bangs are making a comeback, baby!" Petrelli open the door and calling out Mohinder's name. There's no response, so Peter just comes on in. He sees the IV bag on the floor and immediately senses that shit ain't right. As he's standing there, looking around, he feels something drop on his head and realizes that it's blood. He looks up, and there's poor stapled Mohinder "I'm strong enough for a man, but pretty like a woman" Suresh, bleeding down at him from the ceiling. "Sylaaaaar," he whispers. Peter whips around. "I remember you," says Mr. "Braaaaains: it's what's for dinner, and breakfast, and lunch." Sylar in his hi-def stereo creep-tastic voice. He flings Peter up against the wall with his TK and then grabs his face. "You're like me, aren't you?" he says. "I'd like to see how that works." And we get a repeat of the forehead slicing from the last episode as well as a repeat of Peter's bloodcurdling scream. Sylar: "Braaaaains." But then, in this totally killer moment, Peter's skin starts to close itself up. Sylar: "... Braaaaains?"

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