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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Back with Nathan and Linderman. They're looking at the painting of Hiro saving the little girl with the red hair ribbons. Nathan says that he knows Hiro, and Linderman quips, "Great. If you see him, tell him I want my sword back!" Heh. "He said he needed it to save the world," says Nathan dryly. "A lot of people seem to be saying that these days." "Well," says Linderman, "we all have our roles to play in the events to come." He goes on to say that this isn't just a collection of art; it's a road map. And these artists envisioned a brighter future. Nathan gets angry and points out the painting Isaac did of the New York bomb. "This is your idea of a brighter future?" he snaps. Linderman gets FAR too close to Nathan for anyone's good and whispers in his ear, "What if I was to tell you that it was?" Nathan retains his sense of humor. "I'd say you were a lousy humanitarian."

And here's where we get the story of the Elderheroes. "I was a lot younger than you when I discovered my power," says Linderman. "And there were others too, like me, who discovered theirs. We were all confused. And we found each other. Together, we tried to make a difference to the world. And for awhile, we did. It was beautiful. And then... some of my friends... they lost their way. They used their powers for personal gain. And all the good that we'd done... well, it'd amounted to nothing. And I learned that healing one person at a time was just not enough. We needed something -- something to pull it down on course. Something big!" Nathan's like, "Uh, and a bomb is... that something? Because that's big all right, crazy man!"

Linderman says that people need hope, and Nathan responds that an explosion of the magnitude represented in the painting would wipe out half the population of New York city in a snap. "There's six and a half billion people on the planet," says Linderman. "That's less than .07%. Come on! That's an acceptable loss by anyone's count!" Uh, not to NEW YORKERS it isn't! And I've only been a New Yorker for six months now and already I'm like, bitch! Don't you be talking about New York that way! Nathan's kind of with me on this and he's not buying Linderman's line of bullshit, even when he says that people need hope and that somehow, this bomb will bring it about. "This tragedy will be a catalyst for good," says Linderman. "For change. Out of the ashes, humanity will find a common goal. A united sense of hope, couched in a united sense of fear." Hm. That sounds remarkably like the platform of a certain Republican Texan I know who thinks that going to war in a country far, far away will somehow, I don't know, bring us all together. Jackass. Where's Natalie Maines when you need her?

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