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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Meanwhile, Nathan "I'm all about the brotherly love, get it?" Petrelli is enjoying a private grand tour of Linderman's Hall of Heroes. Nathan observes the vast range of artistic styles, going from baroque all the way to Mayan and quips, "You must bring all your first dates here." Heh. Mr. "Remember what I said about being born creepy?" Linderman chuckles and says that he protects all of this art from the greedy hands of the outside world. Nathan reminds him that he's a criminal. Linderman disagrees. He says that when his day of judgment comes, he'll be remembered as a humanitarian. "I care about the world," he says, turning to look at Nathan. "I just want to save it. To heal it. And to do that, I need you." "What could you possibly know about healing?" grits Nathan. And that's when Linderman turns to a dead plant nearby and waves his hands over it, bringing it brilliantly back to life. "A few things," he says with a smile. Ha!

Welcome back, total eclipse of the Heroes! We've missed you!

Can I just say that, not only do I not care where in the world Matt Lauer is, but I'm kind of hoping that, wherever he is, he just up and stays gone. The world would be a better place if David Gregory were sitting next to Meredith for the next few years, in my opinion.

After the break, we catch up with Matt "What's that you say? In your head?" Parkman, who happens to be passed out on the floor of yet another OWI cell. Suddenly, Bennet's voice orders Parkman to wake the hell up. He bolts upright. Bennet, sitting in his cell, is forcefully thinking at Parkman, telling him that Thompson's people are just waiting for the order to take Parkman to the vivisection chamber. Parkman kind of stumbles around his cell, looking to see where Bennet is, but he can't find him. Yes, Parkman. That's because YOU CAN HEAR PEOPLES THOUGHTS. They don't need to BE there, dumb-ass! Bennet goes on to think at him that he'd better get out of there fast or he won't see his wife ever again. "We don't have much time," says Bennet. "If you can hear me, and if you trust me, bang on the pipe." Matt immediately does so. "Good man," thinks Bennet with a smirk. How does Jack Coleman DO that? He's doing a good deed here, getting Parkman out, and yet... he manages to look creepy while doing it! That is so awesome.

So Bennet tells Parkman, "If you do everything I say, you might not die." Parkman looks up at the ceiling like, "Wait -- what the fuck you mean DIE?" "You might want to argue with me," says Bennet, "but luckily, this is a one-way conversation." Hee. "Can I count on you?" Bennet asks. "Ohhhh, I hate him!" says Matt. Hee again. "YES or NO?" demands Bennet. HA. Matt bangs on the pipe again in response. Bennet sort of hangs his head in relief. These guys weren't even in the same room together and this was one of the most entertaining scenes of the episode.

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