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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Chapter Nineteen: ".07%"

Awwwww yeah.

We open with a sliding overhead shot of Mr. "Who's this 'Claire' of which you speak?" Bennet, sitting on a cot in an empty cell. That creepy Wendy and Lisa sitar music plays as HRG looks dejectedly at the floor. The door busts open and in comes Claire, breathily apologetic for giving him up to the OWI. Dudes. That's totally Candice. First of all, Claire's wearing her cheerleader uniform, even though she's supposed to be off in Canada somewhere with The Haitian Sensation; secondly, she's acting WAY too flighty to be that tower-of-strength we're used to seeing. At first, HRG buys her act and gratefully embraces his daughter when she goes to him, but it only takes him a second to realize that this ain't his little girl. He pushes her back, and she feigns innocence, but she quickly gets that the jig is up and morphs back into her combat-boot-and-schoolgirl-kilt-wearing snotty-faced self.

Mr. "Smirky Smirkerton, Esquire (a.k.a. Evil Eric Roberts)" Thompson shows up in the doorway looking like he just came from a golf game in hell. Seriously -- what's he wearing? He's in black, but the shirt he's wearing has the collar turned up like he just attended Muffy Pemberton's Super Summer Supper Fling out in Montauk and he's looking for a little Pimms refresher or something. Thompson rather awesomely attempts to make chit-chat with HRG, asking him if he's okay or if he needs anything. "I just got through with this Graham Greene I was reading," he smiles, "I'll bring it." Hee. I love him. I also love the writers. Graham Greene? Really? Kick ass. HRG disinterestedly asks how the book was, and Thompson says it ended badly. I have no idea which Graham Greene novel he might be referring to, but practically every book of his I've ever read has ended less-than-happily, so, really, it could be any damn one of 'em.

Bennet says that he doesn't know where Claire is, and none of these lame-ass games can make him tell them something he doesn't know. Thompson says that they've been taking it easy on him and the only reason they haven't taken it to eleven is because of their friendship. Bennet openly scoffs at the idea of their "friendship," but Thompson just uses it as an excuse to make it seem like Bennet has somehow tried to destroy the company. Bennet says he had no choice but to destroy the company. "You asked me to betray my daughter." "You got too close," says Thompson. "And then you got sloppy." Bennet rather calmly says that he's seen what Candice can do and maybe it's Thompson who's getting sloppy. "Maybe I'm right where I want to be," he says with a smirk. Thompson doesn't think so. "You're on death row." Bennet says that if Thompson had wanted to kill him, he would have done so already. Thompson just says that he's waiting for the order. "That's what we do here -- we follow orders." He goes to leave, telling Bennet that he'll remember to bring him that Graham Greene book. Once he's gone, Bennet's face falls a bit, as if the act of pretending to be totally cool with hanging out in a locked cell was a tad too much for him to take after all.

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