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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

He goes on to say that most people think the worst of him, but he wants to do better. He wants to be there for her. "But I can't," he says with regret. "Not now." Claire rolls her eyes around some tears and says, "Of course." He says that there are things happening now that he can't expect her to understand; especially since he barely understands them himself. He says that he got into politics to do some good and that now, he has a chance to help. But in order to do that, he has to win the election. Claire ascertains that he can't have some illegitimate daughter popping up and waving at the cameras and that he needs her to leave. "Paris with my grandmother." "She warms up," says Nathan unconvincingly. "Sort of." Heh. He says that it's just one week and Claire asks what then? "And then you come home to your family, okay?" He embraces her and looks past her head to the shard of glass and the presidential painting.

Back in Isaac's studio, Sylar has completed mucking about in Isaac's brain and is now using his talent to do some painting of his own. Sadly, he doesn't have one iota of the talent Isaac had, but that doesn't mean he can't paint the future. Unfortunately, the future he's painting seems to involve a glowering older man in the Oval Office instead of Nathan. Or it's Nathan, only really unhappy. Or it's Sylar. I can't tell. That's how bad of a painter Sylar is. The camera jump cuts all over the place, giving us a glimpse of poor Isaac on the floor, then finally lands on the painting of the rooftop in the future, which morphs into...

... the actual rooftop in the future. The chyron informs us that it's five years in the future. Hiro is lamenting that he and Ando have failed at their tasks as the bomb has already gone off and devastated New York. Ando points out that he has his sword now and that means he can teleport them back and they can fix their mistakes. Hiro says they can't go back until they find out now what mistakes they made then so that they can correct the right ones. Or something. Hiro declares that Mystery Sock will know what to do! Ando says that Mystery Sock was dead when the bomb went off, remember? Hiro dumbly says that in the past, the bad brain man was captured, so Mystery Sock is surely alive! They run off to the Superstudio.

Unfortunately, when they get there, there's no sign of Mystery Sock or anyone else for that matter. Criss-crossing the space are hundreds of lines of string with different things pinned to them. Ando wonders what all this is and Hiro says that it's a timeline. As they walk around, we see a picture of Claire with a post it stuck to it saying, "Save the cheerleader." We also see a news clipping of New York post-bombing as well as a clipping of Nathan with the headline "Our Strength in Dark Times." The sound of a sword being removed from its sheath is heard. Hiro calls out, "Mystery Sock?" Then he removes his own sword. Coming directly toward him out of the dark is... himself. Only five years in the future. And Future Hiro is kind of hot. "You," says Future Hiro in a voice about ten octaves deeper than Past Hiro's. "Me?" squeaks Past Hiro. They stare at each other...

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