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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Superstudio of Superheroes. Isaac's still painting away, even though his death is very close at hand. The painting he's just finishing is of Sylar, standing over his own dead body. There's a sound. Isaac turns. "You really can paint the future," says Sylar from across the room. He must have visited the Superspa Supersalon before coming to visit, because he looks all groomed and shiny. I don't blame him. It's important to look your best when you're going to murder fellow superheroes. "You're late," says Isaac with a smile. "I guess, then, you know why I'm here," says Sylar. They move toward each other. "You're the one who's going to kill me," says Isaac. "That's true," says Sylar. Isaac gives no reaction. "This is usually the part when people start screaming," says Sylar smugly. "I tried fighting the future," says Isaac. "It's too big for me. Maybe you can do better."

Sylar asks if Isaac sees some special future for him, but all Isaac will say is, "They stop you... and you die." Sylar just chuckles and demands to see the paintings that show this future of his. Isaac doesn't comply, so Sylar tosses him to the floor and pins him to it with two paintbrushes through his wrists. Ouch. Isaac says the painting showing Sylar's future is already gone. Sylar still wants to hear about it. Isaac says, "I've seen enough of the future. I don't need to watch it happen. I've wasted my life, destroyed everything good that ever came to me. At least I did one good thing before I died." Sylar stabs him through the ankles with two more paintbrushes, but that doesn't shut Isaac up. "You can't fight the future," he says. "I finally know my part in all of this. To die here with you. But not before I show them how to kill you... and stop the bomb. I finally get to be a hero." Sylar kneels down next to him and then we hear the ticking of Sylar's "Brain-o-Meter" and that's when Isaac starts screaming and screaming.

Petrelli Palace. Nathan's just lounging around, staring at the shard of glass that had until recently been sticking into his brothers head. The hell? He apparently doesn't have any scissors in the house because he uses the shard to cut open the brown paper surrounding the presidential picture Linderman must have had delivered to him. There's a knock at the door and Claire pokes her head in. Nathan beckons her in. "This should have happened a long time ago and under better circumstances," he says. "It shouldn't take someone nearly dying for the two of us to finally meet." Claire says he doesn't have to pretend to be nice to her and Nathan says he's not pretending.

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