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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Before Matt can go even further with his barrage of insults, Bennet says that Linderman is in Vegas, not New York. Matt asks what Linderman has to do with all this and Bennet says, "Apparently more than I knew." Matt wants to go to Vegas and take the fight to Linderman's doorstep. Bennet wants to stick to the plan of taking out the tracking system. Then, whoever's left standing can go after Linderman. Uncharacteristically, it's Ted who makes the final decision for them. "New York," he says with a smile. "I've always wanted to go." Hee! The Three Hero-migos! On the road to the Big Apple! Or the Big Nipple if you're Bernardo Bertolucci.

Vegas. Micah and Jessica exit their house and Micah notices a big SUV parked at the end of the driveway with three henchmen in front of it. He wants to know what's going on and Jessica tells him that the man he's about to meet will change everything. Linderman gets out of a black car behind the SUV and says that he wants to greet young Micah himself. He bends over and shakes Micah's hand, saying it's a great pleasure to meet him. Micah sweetly thanks him. "How would you like to save the world today?" Linderman asks. Micah looks at his mother and she just smiles back at him. They all drive off in their cars, leaving Jessica behind. The second they're gone, Jessica morphs into Candice. Oh, no. Just then, the actual Jessica pulls up in her red convertible, wearing the white jacket I thought she left behind. Candice runs her hand across the hood and quips, "Cute car." Jessica looks after her like she's contemplating ripping the steering wheel off the car and beating Candice over the head with it. I think I'd pay good money to see that, actually.

Biggest Apartment in Brooklyn. Mohinder's talking to someone about how Peter just wanted help, and Mohinder managed to get him killed. Then we hear Thompson's voice say that Mo made the right decision to call. Mohinder can't believe he tried to fight Sylar, saying that you can't fight someone who defies the laws of physics. "You can," says Thompson. "You just need help." Mohinder says that Thompson's not the one he called, and Thompson says that the man he called, Bennet, is no longer with the company. Thompson says that Mohinder's been going about this the wrong way; that no man should have to face what he's faced without friends. Mohinder doesn't need friends -- what he needs is someone to go after Sylar because he's still out there and he's got an appetite for destruction. "The best way to stop Sylar," says Thompson, "is for us to work together." Mohinder doesn't look like he likes the sound of this.

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