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Peter Is Da Bomb. And Not In The Good Way

Apropos of nothing, Peter tells his brother to talk to his daughter because she wants to know her father. Nathan says he can't deal with that right now because he's trying to figure out what color tie is more presidential, red or blue. "She's not just some girl," says Peter, going to him, "she's your daughter. You know that Mom wants to send her to Paris? You can't let her go! Don't you get it? Claire's the girl that I saved... in Texas. Save the cheerleader--" "--save the world," finishes Nathan. "I get it. I remember." "And she turns out to be your daughter. YOUR daughter. Look around. Everything I said is happening, is happening now. It's real. Maybe if Claire's here, I don't blow up. Maybe she's here to save us. Talk to her, Nathan. We need her." Nathan seems to consider this as Ma Petrelli enters the room. "About what just happened," Peter begins, "Nathan and I need to talk to you." "It's okay," she says. "I know. I knew long before either of you did." The boys look at their mother like, "Damn. We knew you were kind of a controlling bitch, but we didn't know you were so omniscient!"

Burnt Toast Diner. Is there nowhere else to EAT in Odessa? Matt and Ted are seated at a table. Bennet recommends the cherry pie as he sits down. Matt worries that they should be in hiding or something. Bennet says that they wouldn't risk coming after them in a public place. "How can you be so sure?" asks Ted. Bennet gives him this look like, "Dude. I've done this before." "Point taken," says Matt. Hee. I love this whole scene. Ted's had enough and starts to leave, but Bennet tells him that the OWI will find him and this time, they won't keep him around for research. "As long as they have that tracking system, you'll never be safe," says Bennet. "And neither will Claire," observes Matt.

Bennet leans forward and says that the tracking system is well-protected, but they can get to it and destroy it. "No more bagging and tagging. No more looking over your shoulder. We can end it all." Ted asks where the tracking system is and Bennet tells him it's in New York City. Where the exploding man will be, of course. Bennet produces three tickets for them and says they're leaving on the next bus. "Is this where Linderman is?" asks Matt. Bennet looks spooked. "Where did you get that name?" Matt informs him that he got it from Thompson and says that he was thinking of sending them to Linderman. Bennet kind of sits back and gets this look on his face like, "Oh, man. Linderman? Linderman is our boss? OH MAN." "Wait a minute--" says Matt. "You didn't KNOW that?" He starts chortling. "You're trying to take down your organization, and you don't even know who signs your checks?! Oh, my god! You're middle management!" HAHAHAHAHA. Bennet looks clearly uncomfortable. "So what's that supposed to mean?" asks Ted. "What it means is, he's a schlub!" says Matt. "Just like the rest of us!"

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